Books by Gregory Gebhart

2 LIVES IN 3 ACTS by Gregory Gebhart
Released: March 10, 2017

"A vivid, well-paced account of one man's winding personal journey."
Gebhart (Deere is Right Here!, 2016, etc.) offers a memoir about his lifelong struggle with mental illness and his reflections on a higher power. Read full book review >
DEERE IS RIGHT HERE!  by Gregory Gebhart
Released: March 3, 2017

"A well-designed and likable addition to the hefty field of picture books for young fans of useful heavy machinery and trucks."
John Deere tractors show their multipurpose usefulness in this continuation of a picture-book series for young children. Read full book review >
CAT IS WHERE IT'S AT! by Gregory Gebhart
Released: Feb. 25, 2017

"Simple text, accessible vocabulary, and plentiful photos may spark conversations about the types of jobs that machines can do."
A versatile vehicle is the subject of Gebhart's (Deere is Right Here!, 2017, etc.) latest picture book for very young readers.Read full book review >
BOB ON THE JOB by Gregory Gebhart
Released: Nov. 25, 2016

"A charming tale that offers parents an opportunity to teach their young children about the versatility of trucks."
A large-print debut picture book showcases the many tasks that Bobcat trucks can accomplish. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 26, 2012

"This worthy sequel makes learning chemistry fun with a quartet of inventive board games."
A workbook teaches readers how to balance chemical equations. Read full book review >
CHEMISTRY GAMES: VOLUME 1 by Gregory Gebhart
Released: May 9, 2011

"The first workbook in a series that helps to make science more accessible through play. "
A set of games that aim to show chemistry students how to build chemical compounds. Read full book review >