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Thank you for visiting me. This is my personal avenue for you to get to know me better. To know me is to know my stories and the characters in them. Inside each of the main characters, I try to pour a tiny bit of myself within them. Whether it is a deep subconscious thought or a random thought that comes and goes like the wind. For me, it is the story. I want to tell a story that people can enjoy. Strap them into an emotional roller coaster. Making  ...See more >

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"A disturbingly enchanting novel for thriller aficionados. ...audiences will be kindly rewarded with a well rendered portrait of human frailty."

Kirkus Reviews


Page count: 326pp

Key (Mrs. Simmons, His Mistress, Her Lover, & Murder 2012, etc.) offers a gripping new thriller that looks through the eyes of a ruthless, brutal serial killer.

Kimora Fox believes that she’s a wronged woman. After learning that her husband, Craig, has caught her in multiple affairs and now wants a divorce, she goes into a blind rage and “accidentally” kills him. As she cleans up her mess and sorts out the loose ends, Kimora finds herself feeling strangely empowered. She’s now willing to stand up to the many selfish, oversexed men who seem to surround her at every turn. But although she begins the story as a near-innocent, although quite sexual, antihero, she eventually becomes a serial killer known to Chicagoans as “Mr. Freeze,” as she follows a path of rationalization and self-delusion to arrive at her every murderous decision. Key expertly weaves together the storylines in his latest novel and demands readers’ full attention as he presents multiple sides of deadly situations. Although characters are often given to lengthy explanatory dialogue, the novel’s engaging action scenes and taut, emotional descriptions make up for these occasional slight missteps. Overall, Key seems to know his characters well, which is especially important when reassuring readers that a killer is, deep down, truly a human being. Some readers may find that the beginning of the novel seems a bit too drawn out, and although there are occasionally overzealous sex scenes and some obvious foreshadowing, patient audiences will be kindly rewarded with a well-rendered portrait of human frailty.

A disturbingly enchanting novel for thriller aficionados. 



The avenue of love can never be easy when the road is paved with secrets. Paris and Clay Simmons live a comfortable married life. Paris has everything a person could want, except for love. Clay is a man of wealth and desires of a congenial life, without his wife. After Paris experiences random acts of vandalism, she suspects that her husband is involved. When a home invasion leads to murder, Paris discovers a deadly secret about the man she married. But Paris carries a secret of her own, which could kill her or save her life.

ISBN: 978-1492373155
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The Nightmare Hours