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Omer Zamir is a young poet in awe of poetry and the mountains it can move, the hearts it can uplift, and the vibe it can create in the lives of those with which it resonates. His grandfather introduced him to the world of literature at nineteen, and he has been writing ever since. He currently lives in Hallowell, Maine.

Omer’s work is soft, yet has a hidden set of fangs among its downy layers. There is an ephemeral quality to his work that is always brought to a crashing finale by his last lines; driving the point home in an intellectually brilliant and firm statement. His subject matter is at once simple and grand, a stately monument to the eureka moments that occur to everyone on a day to day basis.



BY Israel Zamir • POSTED ON Nov. 1, 1995

A revealing profile of the Nobel laureate in literature by his son and only child. While Singer was pursuing his career in the US in the 1930s, young Zamir emigrated from Poland with his mother (from whom Singer was divorced in 1940), first to the USSR, then to Palestine, where the boy grew up on a kibbutz. When the young man finally visited his father in New York in 1955, their reunion understandably was strained; Singer hadn't even had mail contact with his son since 1949 and viewed his arrival as something of a burden, a distraction from his writing. The portrait Zamir draws of his father here is in many ways an unflattering one: Singer is shown as not only emotionally absent, but frugal to the point of cheapness and often narcissistic. For example, when Zamir proudly showed his father a collection of his own stories, the world-famous writer ``glanced at it only a few seconds, then he gave it back to me with an angry expression: `Why don't you translate my books instead of writing your own.' '' Still, during Zamir's subsequent visits to New York, and Singer's occasional trips to Israel, the relationship slowly warmed up as father and son collaborated on rendering the former's work into Hebrew, honestly discussed their difficult histories and their differing political and religious ideologies, and slowly learned to appreciate each other. Ultimately, Zamir states, ``a deep friendship between us was created''; however, the passive voice and the absence of the word ``love'' seem to reveal a lingering deep ambivalence. Zamir's book sometimes suffers mildly from a vague chronology—he rarely provides dates—and from his own autobiographical reticence. But generally, his style is fluid and colorful, and his memoir filled with interesting anecdotes and quotes. Must reading for fans of the master Yiddishist. (8 pages b&w photos, not seen)

Pub Date: Nov. 1, 1995

ISBN: 1-55970-309-1

Page count: 208pp

Publisher: Arcade

Review Posted Online: May 20, 2010

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Sept. 15, 1995

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Freshly Squeezed Lemonade, 2015 MAN OF AGE, 2015 Experience, 2014 NO HERO TO EMULATE, 2013



AWAKE is a collage of my experiences, emotions, inspirations, downfalls and phoenixes. Written in about two to three weeks, AWAKE takes you into my inmost nooks, hidden lands, uproarious joys, and the feeling of being alive to the sharpest degree- to the most candid breath shaping a word that is meant for the world. You. Longing, love, beauty, passion, joy, pain, masochism, humor, honesty, venom, elixir and saviors...this book makes me think of all these places I have visited.
Published: July 15, 2015
ISBN: 9781681392653


Freshly Squeezed Lemonade is the patchy start to a whimsical career. Omer Zamir, a 23-year-old Israeli poet living out of Maine, has put together a patchwork of his 54 best musings and quips on life in this poetic exploration. Full of romance, darkness, and sometimes oddity, the organically based words that make up Freshly Squeezed Lemonade are a force to be considered. The depths of Zamir’s writing seem not to depend so much on what he experiences in life, but more so how he experiences them. This can be seen in pieces like “Love’s Metabolism” or the ambiguous “Room”. The only question left at the end of this study of heart and mind, is not what else can this young writer bring us but simply, what hasn’t he? I recommend this book to anyone who feels lost in the chaotic atmosphere of “now”. Omer Zamir is humbly a wisp of fresh air, or “freshly squeezed lemonade.”
Published: May 2, 2015
ISBN: 978-1633810389


Omer Zamir Omer Zamir’s latest book, MAN OF AGE, is a guidebook for untangling a man’s relationship with his grandfather, father, and other important people in his life. The ripple effects of these connections are felt throughout the poems. One line in particular resonates in the poem “In Pursuit of a Guide,” Through the nearly shut chance Of entering that wooded world, We leaped. This seems to sum up what is seen throughout the poems; a slipping, ephemeral glimpse of longing, desire, fulfillment, and searching. What is to be found in Zamir’s MAN OF AGE is up to the reader, as the poems are subtle enough to evoke different responses from every person to peruse them. This collection also contains a strand of longing, and, dare I say it, of wanderlust. The tone of walking, of leaving, of arriving, is woven throughout these poems, tugging the reader along and simultaneously evoking a sense of homesickness and also of restlessness to keep going. The poem “Only With Her” spectacularly captures this sense of unease and yet the necessity to keep moving: Everywhere was within walking distance. It was only with her That I had a feather’s level of resistance To the touch of the mighty winds of journey. By reading the poems contained in this collection, the reader is sure to be slowly encased in a warm world of memory, of fondness, and also of the inevitable necessity of departure. Only leaving can evoke a sense of loss; as these poems demonstrate. The beauty of them come from the absence and memory of something else. Overall this is a strong collection that evolves and folds back on itself in beautifully quiet and elegant ways; an inspiration to leave in search of something better, and an evocation to return home. —Pattie Flint, Editor-in-Chief, Bibliophilic Wanderlust
Published: July 2, 2015
ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-63381-050-1