Jason Squire Fluck

Jason was raised in Lancaster, PA and spent most of his childhood reading books. He attended Franklin & Marshall College, graduating with honors in Anthropology and elected into Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting and writing and has since written numerous film scripts and stage plays. Jason is co-owner of The Sweat Shoppe, a realtor, and a dedicated family man. Jon Fixx is his first novel.

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"Nearly every sentence holds satisfying surprises, and often unexpected humor..."

Kirkus Reviews


Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2015: JON FIXX

Ex-Lancastrian mines his life for debut novel, 2015

Author Interview, 2014

Hometown Lancaster, PA

Favorite author Alexander Dumas

Favorite book The Count of Monte Cristo

Day job Spin instructor

Favorite word Limitless

Unexpected skill or talent Benching 100lb dumbells

Passion in life To improve the lives of those around me


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-0986445606
Page count: 458pp

Fluck follows the adventures of a romance writer for hire in his debut novel.

Jon Fixx once had a successful career writing vanity novellas for newlyweds. In them, he interviewed couples, their families, and their friends to construct whitewashed accounts of their love against a romantic Hollywood backdrop. In his personal life, he was about to propose to his girlfriend and finally finish a novel of his own, many years in the making. However, his would-be-fiancee left him for a Frenchman, Michel, which sent Fixx into a downward spiral of depression and irrational behavior—including stalking his ex. The change in his personal life adversely affects his work, and the misanthropic tone of his latest newlywed novella results in the cancellation of the couple’s wedding. It also makes the bride’s father, the current attorney general of California, Fixx’s enemy. On another front, Michel hires his FBI agent cousin to strong-arm Fixx into ceasing his harassment of his ex-girlfriend. To top it all off, Fixx has agreed to write a novella for the daughter of the head of the New York Mafia. The pay is good, and Fixx hopes that shady friends in high places may help him out of his other difficulties. However, it turns out that digging into the lives of a Mafioso’s daughter and her gangster fiance may cause Fixx even more troubles than he already has. Fluck’s prose is funny, frenetic, and full of life, propelling readers through each new plot development like a great popcorn flick. Nearly every sentence holds satisfying surprises and often unexpected humor: “So began my nocturnal jaunts in ever widening geographical circles from my apartment, looking for new pay phones from which to harass my still loved ex-lover.” The author also expertly withholds information until the perfect moment of reveal; for example, it turns out that Fixx has just as many secrets as the couples he investigates. The pacing is quick, the characters well-drawn, and the twists don’t let up. Overall, this is a great read for anyone looking for escape.

An exciting, comical page-turner about the gritty underbelly of love.