Books by Jean Johnson

LIBRARIANS A TO Z by Jean Johnson
Released: March 27, 1989

Forty-eight black-and-white photographs with brief captions illustrate the work of librarians. Using an alphabetic format, Johnson tries to describe the different people with whom librarians work, the many places their jobs may take them, and some of the varied materials and tools of their trade. Subjects touched upon include videos, kick-stools, questions, ink pads, desks, and weeding. As might be expected, some of the entries are more successfully treated than others: it's easier to explain the function of a book jacket in a few sentences than that of a cataloger. While Johnson's photographs are clear and interesting, the complexity of her subject matter is not well-served by her format. Perhaps in acknowledgement of this, there are eight concluding, more difficult pages that give supplementary information about the training and duties of librarians. Meanwhile, the binding is so tight that some of the text is swallowed by the gutter. Only an additional purchase. Read full book review >