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J. B. Millhollin is an American author living in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. He practiced law for over 40 years before deciding to pursue his passion for writing. His novels normally incorporate some aspect of the practice of law and involve good people caught in a difficult situation, many times not as a result of any fault of their own. Brakus, his initial novel, is the first of a three part series. The second in the series is entitled Everything He Touched and is now available. The third entitled With Nothing To Lose will be available later this fall.

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BY Jeffrey Millhollin • POSTED ON Nov. 2, 2013

In Millhollin’s debut novel, a professional thief with OCD scrambles to recover after a heist goes wrong in a small New England town.

Roy Brakus keeps a low profile. He moves around the country, disposing of cars and identities without a backward glance. He cases the homes of his affluent victims for weeks before meticulously breaking in and cleaning out their jewelry boxes. His OCD gives him a professional edge: “Maybe other burglars were more daring, or better climbers, or more technologically savvy than he was, but nobody out-organized him.” Brakus thinks he’s hit the mother lode when, after arriving in Vermont, he realizes that two wealthy customers at a local jewelry store happen to be neighbors. But, as in every small town in popular culture, placid surfaces conceal sinister depths: As Brakus watches both homes, planning a double burglary, he realizes that Barbara O’Connell’s husband abuses her and Sara Jacobs’ lawyer husband is having a very hot affair with his secretary. Millhollin shows a knack for the well-observed detail, as when he notes that the unused sidewalks in the upscale neighborhood are there for residents who want “the look and feel of a friendly neighborhood—without the hassle of having to actually interact with neighbors.” Brakus’ well-planned burglary goes awry when Barbara unexpectedly returns home; he shoots and kills her before escaping, forcing Sara’s husband, Dan, to defend Barbara’s much-detested husband in court. Into this drama hitchhikes Ethan Murphy, a Pollyannaish college graduate traveling cross-country who decides that the taciturn loner staying at his motel really needs a friend. Although there’s no whodunit-style tension here, the character of Brakus is intriguing enough to carry the action. Millhollin tells much of the story from the thief’s point of view, allowing him to capture readers’ empathy, but as the novel progresses and reveals more of Brakus’ chilly nature, those same readers may become increasingly uncomfortable.

A low-key but well-written thriller featuring a memorable main character who grows creepier by the page.

Pub Date: Nov. 2, 2013

Publisher: Dog Ear Publisher

Review Posted Online: June 17, 2014



Rosa Norway moved upward through the ranks of legions of attorneys practicing in Nashville, until she had finally become one of the premier criminal attorneys in the City. But she crossed the line and suddenly found herself on the cusp of losing everything she had worked so hard to achieve. She woke up one morning in the arms of John Hampton, the Criminal Court Judge currently presiding over a pending case of manslaughter involving her client, Jake McKay. Later, while still involved in the trial, as a result of a disastrous turn of events she suddenly found herself positioned to lose her right to practice law and potentially her own freedom. While she contended with a mixture of ethical and personal issues, she continued to struggle not only with a client who insisted he was not guilty of the gruesome crime with which he was charged, but also with his overbearing, controlling friend, who appeared to be capable of doing almost anything to insure the legal proceedings progressed as he wished. She had one person she felt she could trust. Unfortunately, he was the cop investigating those yet publicly undisclosed issues of which she was deeply involved. Each move she made seemed to only drag her deeper into a swirl of ethical and legal violations which, unfortunately, also seemed to adversely affect every one close to her.
Published: July 7, 2014
ISBN: ISBN-10: 0692249206


With the carnage he created in the Green Mountains of Vermont in his rear view mirror, Roy Brakus is ready to move forward into new virgin territory. Unfortunately, he was unable to leave his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or the Glock he used recently to solve most of his problems, in those same Green Mountains. Even though the territory is new, Roy still finds himself haunted by past mistakes and a continuing need to control everything and everyone around him. He knows it’s a dangerous game he plays. And unfortunately for him and for everyone he touches, it seems the harder he tries to maintain control of his life the more mistakes he makes---the more evil he creates ---the more issues he must ultimately resolve. In this sequel to Brakus, we find Roy involved in a continuing series of problems none of which enjoy a simple conclusion. Could this finally mark the end of the road for this quirky, professional thief once and for all? Or will he continue his journey leaving a wake of destruction and an ever increasing body count in his path?
Published: Aug. 6, 2014
ISBN: 0692256695

With Nothing To Lose

Shot twice and lying face down in the Cumberland River would normally conclude the existence of most mortal men. But using another of his many lives, Roy Barkus, with one foot in the grave, crawls out again, with his obsessions running rampant and his sanity on the brink of obliteration. Slowly and deliberately Brakus stalks his arch nemeses, Kat Rickter, seeking to end her existence on this earth once and for all. Kat, after discovering in a most tragic manner that Brakus had survived her efforts to destroy him, uses every second of every day to first locate him and then finish the job she failed to successfully complete on the banks of the Cumberland. Unfortunately, innocent parties become entangled within the efforts of each enemy, resulting in devastating results for the victim and their families. Collateral damage, for both rivals, ultimately becomes clearly secondary to the successful conclusion of the mission. A battle to the death explodes between these two antagonists and only one will prevail. Neither can release their obsession to rid the earth of the other. ROY vs. KAT---ONE LIVES, ONE DIES.
Published: May 3, 2015
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0692439661