Jennifer Fales

Jennifer Fales is an award-winning Southern California based author. Her books and writing style have won acclaim from the Readers Favorite International Book Awards, IndieFab/Foreword Reviews Book of The Year, and Feathered Quill.

An east coast native transported to the west coast over a decade ago, she has an undying love for literature and humanity, and a diverse background that adds to her unique genre-bending perspective and humor. She has worn multiple professional hats over the years, including those in the clothing and automotive industry, financials, and securities. Her latest  ...See more >

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"A novel packed with humor and absurd plot twists that satirizes corporate scientists and soulless management…this book will appeal to anyone who's ever endured petty bureaucracy."

Kirkus Reviews


LA Book Festival Honorable Mention, 2015: THE ROBUSTA INCIDENT

IndieReader Approved, 2015: THE ROBUSTA INCIDENT

IndieReader Approved, 2014: Sleight of Hand: Shadow Games

Feathered Quill Award, 2014: The Seraph Contingency

Readers' Favorite Int'l Book Award, 2013: The Seraph Contingency

Foreword BOTYA/INDIEFAB Award, 2012: Shadows and Fire

Hometown Jacksonville, FL

Favorite line from a book "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams

Favorite word Nefarious

Unexpected skill or talent Quasi Yodeling


Pub Date:
Page count: 308pp

A novel packed with humor and absurd plot twists that satirizes corporate scientists and soulless management.

Howard Danishefsky is a hapless soul. He abhors his job at the Robusta Corporation, an international coffee conglomerate; he drinks too much; and his estranged father has never bothered to look him up. Worse, he isn’t even a very good person: he cheated on his now-ex-wife with a woman who has since become his boss, and he spends much of his day silently swearing vengeance on his co-workers—a revenge he exacts by performing covert, scientific tests on them. Throughout the novel, Howard carries on an ongoing conversation with his dead mother, Mimi, a doting Russian woman whom Howard’s mysterious father abandoned. Mimi attempts to steer Howard away from booze and destructive thoughts, but he generally brushes off her advice, or executes it poorly. When Howard’s experiments finally backfire, the Robusta headquarters transforms from purgatory to inferno, and he fights for his life against an army of zombified office drones. Fales’ (Shadows and Fire, 2013, etc.) novel overflows with one-liners and bitter wit, and nearly every line doubles as a nihilistic joke: “The walk to the bus stop was more of a one-man march minus the brass band....His worn shoes pounded the pavement, emphasizing every blister on his feet in a Technicolor rainbow of discomfort.” The characters are also cartoonishly goofy; for example, his ex-mistress has a seemingly bottomless wardrobe of skintight outfits, and his father is part of a secret society called The Consortium of Evil. However, the humor hides pain, as most of the book is dedicated to Howard’s self-loathing. As the action accelerates toward the finale, he shows so much reluctance in the face of danger that the prose can get monotonous, amusing as it is. Even Howard’s dead mother seems to think he’s a stick in the mud, and it’s not until the final pages that he shows any hints of redemption.

Even though it dwells too often on its protagonist’s misery, this book will appeal to anyone who’s ever endured petty bureaucracy.


Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action & Adventure

In the parallel world of the future, mankind has created its own worst enemy - a supernatural species of animal-human hybrids that exact a high toll in return for peace. Step into the dark, and occasionally funny, world of the domes where a brother and sister bridging the gap between these two species struggle to reunite with one another. Meet the menagerie of creatures that impact their lives and a man who would bring redemption, providing he doesn't get lost along the way.

ISBN: 9781432778460
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Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action & Adventure

In the sequel to the award-winning novella Shadows and Fire, the tale of a future where humans and human/animal hybrids known as Supernaturals exist in separate societies continues. Adult twins Lilith and Laydon, the product of a violent act that bridges both worlds, each struggle to find their own identity, one leading to darkness and one into light, as they develop their powers deep in the shadowy world of the domes. Meanwhile the threat of war looms on the horizon. Lilith and Augustin, the retired warrior priest she considers a father, find the house they have aligned themselves with faces a critical threat to its voice and power. Lilith, the Dragon House, and its allies are set on a dangerous race against the clock to unravel the truth behind jealousy, lies and blackmail before it's too late.

ISBN: 9781432799731
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Fiction, Action & Adventure

The best adventure is the one you never expected. When Anael, a beautiful angel who is bored out of her gourd, sneaks through the Pearly Gates looking for excitement, she lands in the only dive bar in Purgatory. Abducted courtesy of a devious demonic Duchess seeking to expand her wardrobe, she finds herself tortured, driven slightly mad and bereft of her wings. Help comes in the guise of Gaap, a reluctant hero asked by the owner of the dive bar to find and rescue Anael. He's a mighty demon with a serious libido, a nagging conscience, and some interesting tattoos, and he makes a decent living transporting artifacts and beings safely in and out of the underworld. His short trip to an inter-dimensional Safe House with the wingless angel ends up a hi-jacked disaster, courtesy of a disaffected Korean teenager bungling his way through Satanism 101. The three of them find themselves stranded briefly in Southern California, forcing Gaap to call on an old friend and ex-lover for help. As jealousy and unexpected connections to Lucifer and Hell's hierarchy surface, things take a dangerous turn in this twisted action packed fairytale of an inadvertent love story.

ISBN: 978-1478716990
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