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Sally Loves…™ author, Jody Mackey originally from Glen Ellyn, Illinois, resides with her husband in Tucson, AZ. A University of Arizona graduate, she leads an active, healthy lifestyle—competing in running, cycling, triathlon, and equestrian events. Her books paint a picture of what is important to her—she includes family, friends, pets, favorite sports and activities. Raised with the notion that with hard work, you can do anything. Her books bring that kind of confidence to children; they inspire and encourage them to reach for their dreams.



BY Jody Mackey • POSTED ON Aug. 29, 2013

This picture book aims to inspire young children with its story of a young girl who turns her dream into reality through hard work.

Mackey’s debut effort centers on Sally, an athletic girl growing up in an athletic family for which biking, running and swimming are the stuff of summer vacation. “If you can dream it…and if you work hard at it…you can do whatever you set your mind to do,” her mother tells her. Sally’s dream unfolds step by step: She first joins the same swim team as her brother, Ryan, and bikes to swim practice with him and their mother. Ryan also runs, so Sally does too. Then her mother participates in a triathlon—a sport that incorporates swimming, biking and running—and this inspires Sally to try to run the race herself. After a summer of practice, Sally and her best friend, Cindy, finally tackle the triathlon. With her family watching, Sally wins her first triathlon “Finisher” medal; Cindy gets one, as well. The two girls aren’t competitive with each other, however; they end the book by saying, “There is no one I would rather race with than you!” This picture book differs from others in that its main character is slightly older than its target audience, presenting to readers possibilities that are currently beyond their capabilities. It also shows young people that such dreams are not beyond hope. The visually appealing text uses a typeface that’s similar to hand-printing, and the simple sentences and repetition are clearly aimed at a young audience. The illustrations appear to combine watercolor, ink and marker to create a bright, fresh look. However, on some pages, the characters shown don’t appear to match the people mentioned in the text; on others, Sally’s brother and her father look extremely similar, and Sally’s mother looks like a teenager, which may confuse young readers. Some parents may also wish that Sally had a bookshelf in her bedroom.

An often charming kids’ book that provides a model for family engagement in girls’ sports.

Pub Date: Aug. 29, 2013

ISBN: 978-1483667591

Page count: 42pp

Publisher: Xlibris

Review Posted Online: June 4, 2014

Sally Loves Horses! Cover

Sally Loves Horses!

BY Jody Mackey

Mackey’s (Sally Loves…to Dance!, 2014, etc.) third series installment follows a young girl’s dream of riding in a rodeo.

Sally dreams of riding in the barrel races and practices her skills with her horse, Dillon, under the guidance of a horse trainer. After she has her first fall, she becomes part of the “Dusty Bottoms Club,” but the other girls at the ranch help her up and celebrate her efforts as the mark of a determined rider. Sally’s love for horses is unqualified and pure: “To her, their beauty and strength are magical.” And the girls, for whom horses are a shared and stimulating bond, form a sisterhood: “The riders at Ladysmith spend a lot of time together. They laugh and hug. They are always happy, and everyone really loves horses.” Readers will appreciate the supportive, promising advice of the horse trainer, which leads to the story’s ending: “Remember all your training. Ease into the barrels, sit hard for the turns, and then let him go.” This book invites young readers to indulge their passions for horseback riding and to learn some terms of the sport along the way; for example, footnotes define “Western style,” “trot and lope,” “curry,” and “leadline.” Charming pictures of life at Ladysmith Ranch appear on every page and direct readers through the story. They’ll also catch glimpses of butterflies, birds, a cricket, a frog, a rabbit, a mouse, and a wonderful white cat; it’s a pleasure to scan the scenes for these little creatures, as each one adds a touch of specificity and whimsy to the fairly simple presentation. Dark outlines surround bright, medium-hued watercolor-style images, which have just enough facial detail to distinguish Sally from her best friend, Cheza, whose grandmother owns the ranch. Distinctive markings contrast Dillon, the gentle and familiar horse, with Duke, a bigger, more spirited animal. The difference in the horses’ temperaments, in fact, is almost a story of its own.

A graceful, inspiring children’s book about horseback riding.

Pub Date:

Page count: 60pp

Publisher: Champ Youth, Inc.

Review Posted Online: March 24, 2016

Kirkus Reviews Issue: May 1, 2016

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Youth gain Confidence and a Desire for Sports with Sally Loves..., 2016 Quill says: A sweet story that will inspire youngsters to reach for their dreams., 2016 Kelly's Thoughts on Things—"Woven into each story is a little life lesson", 2016 Why I love the Sally Loves books:, 2016


Sally Loves...™ to Dance!

Sally Loves to Dance! Sally dances ballet, tap, jazz, and more, but she dreams of hula dancing in a luau with her best friend. Sally loves to Dance! is about dreaming and encouragement, family, friendship and being able to achieve one’s goals. It is impossible not to feel the joy and accomplishment as Sally finishes a performance on stage with one of her best friends. Age 4-9 Readability consensus: Grade level 3, Very easy to read 8-9 Casebound Hardcover with Dustcover 8.5 X 11 in
Published: Oct. 25, 214
ISBN: 9780692343784