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John Medler is the author of two fiction thrillers. The first book, Quatrain (2011), concerns the search for the lost prophecies of Nostradamus, and the effort to use those prophecies to thwart a terrorist attack on the United States. The second book, Fountain (2014), concerns the search for the legendary Fountain of Youth, and the effort to use the healing waters of the Fountain to cure Americans poisoned with an airborne strain of the Ebola virus at the World Cup Soccer matches in Brazil. John Medler has  ...See more >

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"An action-packed, easy-to-read and timely novel...."

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#1 Book Overall on, 2011: Quatrain

#1 Book Fiction on, 2011: Quatrain

#1 Hot Arrival on, 2011: Quatrain

#1 Book Fiction on, 2011: Quatrain

Penned in St. Louis


Hometown St. Louis, MO

Favorite author Dan Brown

Favorite book Presumed Innocent

Day job Trial lawyer

Favorite line from a book "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I chose it to mean--neither more nor less." Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass (1872)

Favorite word undulating

Unexpected skill or talent Scrabble

Passion in life writing; providing legal representation for people injured in accidents; spending time with my wife and six children


Pub Date:
Page count: 511pp

Bioterrorism and ancient Mayan folklore come together in this lengthy but entertaining second thriller from Medler (Quatrain, 2011).

History professor Charlie Winston’s quest to find out who really was the first European to discover America (hint: it wasn’t Christopher Columbus) takes him and a motley crew of would-be adventurers to a remote Central American island, said to be home to the legendary cure-all fountain of youth. John Morse, the ever-inquisitive Nostradamus scholar and star of Medler’s previous work, and his rapping California boy son—“We go to the island, and we’re havin’ quite a ball / ’Til we find all these heads, see the natives killed ’em all”—are once again along for the dangerous ride. Meanwhile, Winston’s wife, Murielle, who’s also a top Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientist, is knee deep in the fight against a new airborne strain of the deadly Ebola virus now in the hands of twin terrorists out for revenge against the U.S. and the Netherlands for their roles in the Bosnian War. The World Cup in Brazil and its thousands of soccer fans in attendance are at the center of the wicked scheme. The third-person narrative manages to weave together their stories and dozens of others—from CIA agents and a Mexican drug lord to Tanzanian children, Brazilian police, Michigan vacationers and more—while crossing continents and centuries to create a fast-paced page-turner that’s hard to put down. It’s this intriguing tangle of plots that allows the novel to get away with a rotating cast of two-dimensional characters. When the book delves into the journey of explorer John Cabot, Columbus’ contemporary, the conversational 21st-century narrative distracts from his 15th-century scenes. Desire to learn how all the pieces of this excellently crafted puzzle fit together is what ultimately keeps readers breezing through to its satisfying conclusion.

An action-packed, easy-to-read and timely novel that might make readers wash their hands a bit more often. 


Fiction, Thriller, Suspense

In 1557, the sixteenth century oracle Nostradamus published his opus entitled Les Propheties, a collection of four-line, rhyming verses called "quatrains." The initial collection was supposed to have ten "centuries," or a total of one thousand prophecies in all. However, only 942 have survived... until now. John Morse was once a happy UCLA Anthropology Professor with a gorgeous Latino wife and two quirky children. However, his optimism died on 9/11 when his wife's plane crashed into the World Trade Center. Now cynical and aloof, he spends his days debunking the mystical world. When he is summoned to France to investigate a startling new discovery about Nostradamus, he is skeptical. But something about Father Du Bois' invitation intrigues him. Taking along his long-haired, gangsta rapping, skateboard-riding teenage son Zach and his guitar-toting, forever-bored teenage daughter Zoey, he uncovers the lost vault of Nostradamus, which contains clues to the missing 58 prophecies. As he embarks on a cross-country European treasure hunt with his teenagers, he is pursued by assassins at every turn. When Morse unravels the final clues in Verona, Italy, he learns that the 58 verses contain not only successful predictions of past events, but also prophecies of what lies in the weeks ahead. The prophecies are chilling--a massive terrorist attack on the United States, followed by a nuclear war. Meanwhile, a team of Islamic fundamentalists known as the Abisali, or Warriors of the Faith, have engaged in a multi-staged attack on America. Their first attack was the bombing of a Cincinnati elementary school. Then they attempted to assassinate the President. Their final attack will be a land and air assault on the Superbowl. Can John Morse use the last prophecies of Nostradamus to stop the terrorist attacks? And will anyone believe him? Quatrain is a fiction thriller from St. Louis author and trial lawyer John meddler. It is also available as an eBook. Quatrain 2011 by John Medler All rights reserved.

ISBN: 9781458158987
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