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Jonathan Kieran is an author of fiction and non-fiction works, a screenwriter, and an illustrator who was born in upstate New York and who has lived in the Ventana highlands near Big Sur and Carmel, CA for the past decade. Following a classical theological education at Catholic University, he focused upon intensive relief service work with the homeless and marginalized—these efforts affording him the extraordinary opportunity to live in Paris, Rome, San Francisco, and New York City before settling in the Carmel area.

Jonathan has overseen numerous city-wide community organizing projects and relief council efforts in San Francisco, New York, and St. Augustine, FL while founding and operating his own advertising and marketing company in the early Aughts. He continues to be active at the grassroots level to help improve everyday standards of living while contributing to the diversity of the cultural landscape via his unique approach to multi-media artistic expression.



BY Jonathan Kieran • POSTED ON April 10, 2020

An obscure village becomes the site of disconcerting, otherworldly incidents in this supernatural novel.

A lifelong Californian, Nebraska “Brask” Adams has yearned for a “real small-town experience.” Now that he has a book deal with a publisher as well as an advance, he can escape his dour life, including his devoutly religious, condescending older sister. He opts for an affordable cabin rental in the village of Wistwood, somewhere near Big Sur. At the same time, schoolteacher Schuyler Brody, apparently unhappy with her “insufferable” students, is eying an antiques shop there. But Shep Daltry has darker motivations. He’s a White cop under media scrutiny for savagely beating a woman of color and mother of five. Though his department clears him of any charges, he heads to Wistwood for a new job, which involves sinister “instructions.” It appears there are two enigmatic individuals with a plan that seems initially vague awaiting these people’s arrivals. Brask is hardly settled in Wistwood when he senses something off—at first, just a store but soon, the entire village. Yet even if he can convince fellow villagers, will anyone be able to leave? Parts of Kieran’s chilling story are deliberately hazy, with unknown characters discussing cryptic objectives. But detailed backstories ground the narrative, pitting villagers such as former British rock star Lleyton Grayle against something unearthly. Crisp prose gives largely abstract occurrences a visual component: “When she laughed, brief and mocking, the sounds sprang as arrowheads, razor-sharp and dipped in poison from her lips.” Later chapters offer a few revelations, although the author provides enough clues that most readers will have an idea as to what’s unfolding. The final act is disturbing and decidedly more visceral, with a satisfying, open-ended denouement.

An often mysterious but thoroughly horrifying and macabre tale.

Pub Date: April 10, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-9885681-0-5

Page count: 356pp

Publisher: Brightbourne Media

Review Posted Online: July 9, 2020

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Aug. 15, 2020

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EM Forster

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A Confederacy of Dunces

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“Stars don’t care what you wish for and no one who sticks his hand in fire doesn’t get burned.”

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Passion in life

Ancient Egypt

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Ornate carving

I Only Came Here For the Comments, 2015


Confessions From the Comments Section

Internet comments sections are the Roman coliseums of the Information Age, filled with noisy spectators desperate to be heard and slobbering to be satisfied. They may try to blend-in with the crowd by employing fake usernames, but we all know what kind of people they REALLY are, once they start to trumpet their relentless opinions! Without regard for others, folks like the All-Caps Idiocy Maximizer, The Yelp Whelp, The Drunken Ranter, and The Puppy Suckler feed like a ravenous zombie-horde upon the putrefying scraps of our bloated pop culture. Clamoring for attention, characters like Rhonda the Reasonable, The Garden-Variety Idiot, The Big Word Hurler, and The Special Snowflake fuel the great, ongoing war between The Smarts and The Stupids. True identities may remain hidden, but in the jungle of internet comments sections, people reveal far more than they think about their secret lives ... and why civilization is heading for a spectacular crack-up. In 'Confessions from the Comments Section: The Secret Lives of Internet Commenters and Other Pop Culture Zombies,' humorist Jonathan Kieran shines an uproarious and irreverent light upon 33 different “types” of internet commenter, exploring issues like religious hypocrisy, narcissism, and celebrity obsession while probing the hilarious depths to which human behavior will plunge when people think they are anonymous online. Read it and laugh or read it and weep … especially if you happen to recognize yourself.
Published: Sept. 3, 2015
ISBN: 978-0988568181

Djin Rummy

Twenty years have passed since Rowan Blaize faced his greatest magical foe, but the ancient warlock is still on-the-run with his mortal foundling, Miranda. What better place to lay low than the charming seaside town of St. Augustine, Florida? The Ancient City, however, is already home to voyeuristic ghosts, cocktail-loving vampires, werewolf comedians, and three highly eccentric witches! Rowan's monster-mash celebration is all set for Halloween night, but when a cursed ring crosses paths with a beauty pageant brat, a catastrophe is unleashed upon the partying Ancient City ... and possibly the world. Can the witches stop bickering long enough to combine their powers and avert disaster, or will Rowan's worst fears about an enemy from the past be realized? 'Rowan Blaize and the Hand of Djin Rummy' (Enchanted Heritage Chronicles: Book II) is a novel that blends enchantment, satire, suspense, and horror in a delectable cauldron's-brew-of-a-tale. Fabulous new characters are introduced, elaborate back-stories reveal much about Rowan's extraordinary past, and tantalizing questions are posed about his future.

Rowan Blaize

Ravaged by the fury of a terrifying storm, an ancient sorcerer falls from the sky and crashes into a farm upon the English countryside. Powerless but determined, the wily Rowan Blaize must make his way to London and seek the help of his eccentric Aunt Ariadne, unaware that supernatural perils lurk around every corner. Even more daunting is the ultimate war he must wage against a vengeful goddess in order to reclaim his enchanted heritage. Told in the epic narrative tradition of classics like 'Hiawatha' and 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere,' 'Rowan Blaize' is a one-of-a-kind fantasy tale to be cherished for the ages. Lavish illustrations enhance a magical story that traverses a breathtaking journey through mystical worlds and encounters with a host of unforgettable characters. A sumptuous feast of enchantment to be savored by readers of all descriptions, 'Rowan Blaize' is the cornerstone work and the "key" that opens the door to the entire series of novels in the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles.

The Last Work of Hidalgo Redemption

A young man contemplates suicide to provide his sick wife with money from an insurance policy. But while on business in Brazil, he discovers a cave and, within it, the long-lost skeleton of one of the world’s most famous, mysterious artists—setting off a non-stop media firestorm of panoramic revelations, heartbreaking flashbacks, and a glimpse at one of the greatest “secret love“ stories of all-time.


In ancient Constantinople, two mighty and cunning empresses struggle against each other and a bevy of common enemies as they seek to protect their kingdom from marauding barbarians without and sinister enemies within ... with the harrowing outcome guaranteed to change the entire of Western history forever.
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