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Author, teacher, and metaphysician, Kaarin Alisa, is a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal transformation. She has honed her abilities as a change agent in the energetic arts for more than forty years, practicing as a spiritual adviser, clinical hypnotherapist, and energy practitioner. She has helped people from all walks of life realign to their highest truth, so they are better able to pursue their dreams and ambitions. In her most recent book, Bare Bones: The Unabridged Life of Yeshua son of Joseph from Galilee, Kaarin tells the story of Yeshua from his singular point of view. Known to many as Jesus, Kaarin began her relationship with Yeshua as a child, and over the years she has developed the ability to interact and collaborate with him through both her own personal development and her work with others seeking guidance. A sought-after speaker, Kaarin offers tele-seminars, workshops, and private sessions by appointment.

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Bare Bones

BY Kaarin Alisa • POSTED ON Nov. 24, 2015

An ambitious novel offers an unconventional retelling of Jesus’ story.

The latest book from Alisa (I’m Having It, 2015) delivers a long, lavishly detailed narrative that recounts the experiences of the first-century figure known to Christianity as Jesus of Nazareth. Many of the familiar outlines of his history are in place: a small community of “Nazoreans” living on the Judean fringes of the Roman Empire, a boy born of the House of David whose father is Joseph and whose mother is Mary, a public ministry inaugurated by John the Baptist and carried out before huge crowds, an eventual confrontation with the Romans, etc. To this well-known account Alisa adds a wealth of intriguing twists and turns. Her “Yeshua” is a quasi-supernatural being virtually from birth, attuned to senses other boys don’t have and guarded and counseled by energy beings only he can see. As his personal powers burgeon with puberty, he leaves the Essene community of his parents and travels to a monastery in India and, from there, to an extremely exclusive retreat called the Temple of Man. Only news of his father’s illness and impending death prompts him to return to Judea, bringing with him an array of mystical abilities and, in a striking twist, an addiction to opium that plagues him and prompts him to seek a detox program with a local female healer. This captivating Jesus falls in love with his Mary—Miriam—and marries her, but he feels he must embrace his true calling (“With Miriam by my side, I felt complete,” Yeshua muses. “It seemed as though it was truly time for me to bring my truth to bear and expand my teachings”). His undertaking’s basic parameters will be recognizable to readers, a mission of preaching and moral guidance (and miracles that take on some fascinating new dimensions in light of the mystical training that Yeshua has experienced) that ends in seeming tragedy and a survival beyond death. Alisa writes all of this with a superb ear for dialogue and a sense of pacing that’s sure-footed enough to keep this long novel from ever feeling bloated.

A magical, passionate version of the life of Jesus unlike anything taught in Sunday school.

Pub Date: Nov. 24, 2015

ISBN: 978-1-5043-3133-3

Page count: 608pp

Publisher: BalboaPress

Review Posted Online: Jan. 18, 2016

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Feb. 15, 2016

Bare Bones Book Reveals What Yeshua (Jesus) Thought of Loved Ones


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