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Dr. Kathleen Sales is a retired psychiatrist. She grew up in Michigan where she graduated from the University of Michigan in 1967 with Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma, and Hopwood (creative writing) awards. She graduated from Wayne State Medical School in Detroit with Alpha Omega Alpha honors.

Dr. Sales completed her internship and residency in psychiatry at the University of California in San Diego where she worked at the Veterans Hospital with Marines just home from Vietnam. She and her husband and two sons moved to Tennessee  ...See more >

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"An emotionally honest, thoughtful novel about families whose superpowers involve coping with the everyday."

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Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1491713358
Page count: 178pp
A stranger helps a young boy and his family heal from the effects of a tragedy in this work of fiction.
In Sales’ debut novel, she mines the complex relationship between father and son. When the story begins, 10-year-old Pete is running away from home. Seeking shelter, he meets kindly Jake, an ex-soldier who lives by himself in a shack and has his own issues. Jake finds that Pete has left home because his mother is in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt, and his father, Rob—also ex-military—spends his time either working or abusing Pete. The boy is failing school and feels unloved and unaccepted no matter where he turns. Gradually, Jake gets to the bottom of Pete’s problems. But it turns out that he isn’t the only family member who needs fixing. Rob’s sadistic temper and his wife’s loathing of both herself and Pete are other serious issues that need resolution before they destroy the struggling family. However, the more Jake digs, the closer he gets to a truth so terrible that it might be impossible for the family to recover from it. Sales’ debut is an excellent novel that explores the many intricate emotions that constitute a family dynamic, particularly how those emotions can provide salvation, isolation or sometimes both. The author affectingly limns Jake’s and Rob’s PTSD. Although Pete’s belief that he failed his demanding father drives the story, Rob provides its center—a man caught in an emotional vortex that he can neither understand nor control. The story moves briskly along, and the desperate attempts of Pete and his family to deal with their problems will resonate with most readers.
An emotionally honest, thoughtful novel about families whose superpowers involve coping with the everyday.

Action fiction, psychological fiction, military fiction, mystery

Attack from Within is a gripping tale of one soldier’s recovery from war-induced stress. It begins with Pete’s return from Vietnam. Upset by his general discharge and struggling to remember large parts of his last mission, Pete fights with his family and leaves East Tennessee. While working in Detroit, the murder city, Pete is robbed. Hungry and homeless, he accepts help from a local drug dealer. Their friendship flourishes, but it involves Pete in a dangerous drug war, violent riots, and a painful interaction with corrupt police. As the city’s violence triggers Pete, he has nightmares and flashbacks about Vietnam. Injured and overwhelmed, he teeters on the brink until his smart and sexy girlfriend finds him a unique therapist—a Jewish survivor of the German death camps. Helped by his therapist, friends, and war buddies, Pete faces and unravels the remaining mystery surrounding his last days in Vietnam. Freed from that horror, he finishes school, marries his girlfriend, and looks forward to their future. Attack from Within features fast-paced action as it unravels a wartime mystery, but the insight it provides into the mind of a survivor is what makes this story gutsy and inspiring.

ISBN: 9781632633927
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