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A successful investment management entrepreneur, an award-winning author & writer, and an active philanthropist.

Over a long career, he has conducted landmark investment research and designed creative investment strategies while serving as a portfolio manager, investment analyst and financial writer.

Unique in the financial services industry, Mr. Winans has documented long-term "track records" as a market strategist and a portfolio manager. In fact, his proprietary research has led to an impressive record of accurate financial market forecast since 1991.

He is a regular guest on TV and radio shows nationwide and has had much of his investment research published as headline articles by leading websites, magazines and newspapers. Since 2011, he has been a contributing writer for

Ken is President, Founder and CIO of Winans Investments. Since 1992, it manages equity and fixed income investments for clients throughout the country and has won national acclaim for its success. Since 2012, Winans Investments is among the "Best of Best" financial advisors attending Barron's Winner's Circle-Top Independent Advisors Summit.

He pioneered the development of several important investment indexes and technical indicators. In fact, The Winans Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI)™, Winans Real Estate Index (WIREI)™ and Winans Legacy Stock Index (WILSI) are used by major financial and academic institutions.

Ken wrote and published four award-winning books:

"Investment Altas II - Using History as a Financial Tool" 2017 Independent Publisher Book Award, 2017 eLit Awards, 2017 International Book Award.
"Preferred Stocks-The Art of Profitable Income Investing" 2017 Nonfiction Book Awards, 2011 National Best Book Awards
"Investment Atlas: Financial Maps to Investment Success." 2009 NextGen. Indie Book Awards.
"Preferreds: Wall Street’s Best-Kept Income Secret" 2007 National Best Book Awards.

He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), and is President of the San Francisco Chapter of The Market Technician Association. He is also a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute.

Ken has a Bachelors degree in Business Economics from the University of San Diego and a Masters in Finance from the University of San Francisco. In 2004, USF named him one of its most celebrated graduates.

He is the Co-founder and President of The Space Station Museum (Novato, CA) and serves as a trustee for several other non-profit organizations: The W Foundation (Novato), USS Hornet Museum (Alameda, CA), The Society of California Pioneers (San Francisco) and The Holland Society of New York. He also served board terms for the Museum of American Finance (New York), San Francisco Fleet Week Association, Chabot Space & Science Center (Oakland, CA), University of San Francisco Alumni Association and The Institute of Ecolonomics (Ridgway, CO).

Ken and his wife, Debbie, are long-time residents of the San Francisco area. In his spare time, Ken travels internationally, rides motorcycles, scuba dives and competitively snow skis. As a 12th generation American, he enjoys researching his family history and is a renowned collector of artifacts from space exploration as well as antique financial documents. Many pieces of his collection are on display at leading museums coast-to-coast.

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BY Kenneth Winans • POSTED ON Feb. 22, 2017

In his updated, comprehensive reference, Winans (Preferred Stocks, 2010, etc.) examines historical trends for today’s smart investors.

An investment-management entrepreneur and writer for, Winans has spent much time studying market cycles. His latest tool for wealth building highlights the importance of knowing investment history, because, writes Winans, “the basic investment game hasn’t changed in the past 150 years!” Divided into five sections, this colorful collection of facts and advice begins with an exploration of the U.S. economy’s growth. The second section lays out the fundamental characteristics of six different investments—stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, cash, and collectibles. Analyzing bull and bear markets, Section 3 helps readers learn how to determine market health. Perhaps the most thought-provoking portion of the book, the next section investigates certain events, like natural and man-made disasters, and how investments have been affected by those events. The final section encourages readers to develop financial strategies based on historical facts and market trends. Beautifully illustrated with many color and black-and-white photographs, this ample handbook’s layout is eye-catching and unique—e.g., vintage photos include a 1901 steel bond owned by Andrew Carnegie, a 1903 political cartoon depicting Standard Oil as an “octopus” monopoly, and a Watergate-era Playboy Enterprises, Inc., certificate. Winans takes the tone of a helpful tutor (“Let’s look briefly at some of the factors that caused these disastrous bear markets”), and his easy-to-read charts and tables make phrases like “yield spread analysis” a little less intimidating for novices. This well-referenced guide presents intriguing (and sometimes horrific) events, for example, the 1920 Wall Street bombing. In addition to serious topics, e.g., how to tell when it’s time to sell stocks, Winans includes more lighthearted tidbits—such as the best type of wine to collect—and quotes, like Mark Twain’s humorous “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” Though success is never guaranteed, Winans’ clear-cut advice teaches investors to use market tools and facts, instead of knee-jerk emotion, for a promising fiscal future.

All investment books should be this compelling.

Pub Date: Feb. 22, 2017

Page count: 257pp

Publisher: KGW Publishing

Review Posted Online: June 22, 2017

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Aug. 1, 2017

Investment Atlas II Commercial

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President & CIO, Winans Investments - Capital Management & Research

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Investment Atlas - Financial Maps to Investment Success

A well-illustrated investment history book.
Published: April 8, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9793014-4-5

Preferred Stock - The Art of Profitable Income Investing

This book is designed for an intermediate to advanced investor. Even today, preferred stocks are one of the least understood investment mediums in the world of finance. This book builds upon Mr. Winans’ past historical research with the addition of new research using technical market analysis over a 100 year period of time as well as revised methodologies in portfolio management for successful income investing in today’s post-2008 environment.
Published: March 14, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9843125-1-1

Preferreds - Wall Street's Best-Kept Income Secret

First book, since the 1930's devoted to traditional preferred stocks.
Published: Jan. 15, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9793014-8-3