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L.D. Bergsgaard

L. D. Bergsgaard begin his writing career as a Special Agent which spanned three decades. As an undercover agent, a SWAT operator, and criminal investigator, I wrote thousands of pages dealing with murder, sex, terrorists, and love gone wrong ... all the elements of a good story. Since retiring, seven years ago, I have continued writing although I am no longer bound by the facts and free use the creativity which served me so well as an undercover agent.
I have written four novels featuring the irascible special agent,  ...See more >

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"A fast-paced, informed action/adventure story that holds the reader’s attention from cover to cover."

Kirkus Reviews


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1457505171
Page count: 380pp

Preying on the fears of Americans, militant Islamic factions plot the downfall and overthrow of America from within.

In Bergsgaard’s thriller, U.S. mercenaries kidnap a Taliban informant believed to have information vital to national security. Alex Stone, hired by multinational company Blackstone, delivers the kidnapped man, Ali Shah Masood—a member of the Islamic Council—to CIA agents in Afghanistan. Ali has information about plans the Islamic Council has to unleash the biblical plagues of Egypt (acts of terrorism on the U.S.) to force all U.S. troops to withdraw from the Middle East, then Israel can be destroyed with no U.S. interference. In seemingly unrelated incidents, four border patrolmen in Texas are murdered, red algae overtakes the Potomac River and flies and frogs engulf Arlington National Cemetery while railroad bridges are blown up and forest fires rage. Doc Martini, special agent with the Anti-Terrorism Force, is called on to investigate. With the help of Agent Susan Rivard, Martini finds connections among the events and unravels the secret plans of the Islamic Council before U.S. citizens panic and Israel is destroyed. The author uses his experience and knowledge as a special agent to create a storyline that feels fresh, honest and diabolical. Regulations and procedures stymie federal agents while perpetrators of crime slip through U.S. society seemingly unhindered. Written in a tight, matter-of-fact tone, the story unfolds at a deliberate pace that keeps the reader engaged and in anticipation of the continued action. Events unfold on a day-by-day basis over a period of about two months. Some days have as many as six different entries in a dizzying array of locations including Pakistan, Spain, France, Italy and the White House, with multiple locations listed for Afghanistan and Minnesota. This approach leaves the reader feeling unsettled and confused at times, as well as looking at past chapters to reconnect plot lines. In places, the storyline depends too much on the surface tension of Islamic countries wanting the destruction of Israel, and could stand some bolstering with more in-depth character development of several of the Islamic Council members.

A fast-paced, informed action/adventure story that holds the reader’s attention from cover to cover.



RUMORS (Unpublished)

The body of a young woman is discovered buried in the vineyard at St. Peter Seminary. Within hours the Chief Investigator for the Boulder County Sheriff's Office identifies the remains and announces that he'd put the killer behind bars years ago. Case Closed! But did he? Doc Martini follows a trail of rumors and clues that at first cast doubt on the deputy's claim and then point suspicion at the priests living in the protective arms of the seminary. What dark secrets are the Sheriff and the seminary hiding? A dozen or more priests exiled behind the stone walls. Secrets or Rumors?


Young Moose knows it's going to be an unusual year when his new teacher looks like a goat and is even ornerier, a neighborhood posse is hot on the trail of a felon, and the ancient ghosts are dancing in the light of a full moon. His days af full of trial including the canceling of Christmas, tittering on the brink of flunking a grade, and losing his position as catcher on the baseball team. It's also a time of runaway horses and bucking pigs, a quest for the truth of the birds and the bees, and taking a giant step towards manhood.


Crime Bureau Agents Martini and Crosby find their trip to Minnesota's Boundary Water Canoe cut short when they stumble upon a naked body being devoured by a pack of wolves. Preserving what they can at the primitive crime scene, they leave with little more than a bag of bones in the bottom of the canoe. The search to identify the victim and piece together his last hours takes the agents down a rugged trail of political intrigue to a drug cartel intent on cornering the marijuana market in the U. S. Despite the legal roadblocks and political pressures, Doc Martini leads a team of agents to prevail, sometimes outside the fog lines of the law and bring the murderous cartel of justice.

ISBN: 978-145750-233-1