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It is highly unusual for a published research scientist and mathematician to have a revelatory moment in which one's bodily sense of existence is overcome by a non-localized spiritual sense of an enduring interconnectedness with one's world. It is equally unusual for two soulmates, a financially struggling farmer and a salaried music teacher, to document in letters (with the exception of two brief visits) their entire courtship. Mark Johnson is that scientist and that farmer and teacher are his God-centered parents, Walter and Margaret. For years Mark enjoyed living the new understandings flowing from his "Little Self" view of the world, but he could not find a satisfying way to share his understandings other than in serendipitous encounters. His search was interrupted when his parents' courtship letters surfaced. They were written shortly before WWII. Ironically, his parents expressed their desire to find ways to testify to their Christian faith in the same letters in which they explained how that faith brought joy and meaning to their lives. In sharing their written testimony in his trilogy, A Lettered Courtship, Mark is finding a natural context for sharing his own. In the first book, Encountering God, the reader sees the many unique ways in which understandings of God brought joy and meaning into the lives of Walter and Margaret back in the fall of 1937. In the second book, Questioning God's Will, the reader sees how naturally that questioning repeatedly arose for both of them in the winter of their courtship. The reader is also treated to some interesting perspectives on three pivotal concerns implicit in their winter letters: our fundamental sources of truth, the coming world order, and the "open tomb" of Easter. In the anticipated third book, Abiding in God, the reader will be given an inside look into the many issues faced by a rather idealistic couple trying to set up a home and get married in an all too realistic world. Mark will also be linking up the joy he finds in his Little-Self view of our interconnectedness with comments and understandings in the letters.

Released: Dec. 6, 2018

"A fascinating although occasionally stilted setting of old-fashioned Midwestern faith in a wider modern context."
This second book in Johnson's (Encountering God, 2015, etc.) trilogy revolves around the correspondence between his parents during their courtship in 1930s Colorado and North Dakota.Read full book review >
Released: June 22, 2015

"A surprisingly winning long-distance love story."
The story of a Christian relationship, revealed in a series of letters. Read full book review >