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Marvin Richard Montney

Prize-winning American poet, novelist, humorous memoirist, playwright, award-winning humorous speaker, author and philosopher Marvin Richard Montney’s The Seeker Is The Sought: Poems of Lovers’ Joys, Lovers’ Empowerments: Poems 1970-2010 is currently available as a paperback, Kindle, NOOK and eBook in more than 90 online bookstores globally, and in more than 37 countries.

These include the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Portugal, U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria (?), Spain, Italy, Croatia, Serbia (?), Latvia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg (?), Romania, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Iraq (?),  ...See more >

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"A great read for lovers, lovers of poetry and those with an interest in philosophy."

Kirkus Reviews


University of Hawaii The First Annual Writing Contest, Poetry Honorable Mention, Galway Kinnell, Judge, for poem, "Lynne", 1977: THE SEEKER IS THE SOUGHT: POEMS OF LOVERS' JOYS, LOVERS' EMPOWERMENTS: POEMS: 1970-2010

University of Chicago The John Billings Fiske Prize in Poetry, Third Place, for poem, "Song of Sophroniscus' Son", 1970: THE SEEKER IS THE SOUGHT: POEMS OF LOVERS' JOYS, LOVERS' EMPOWERMENTS: POEMS: 1970-2010

"...poetry that is of the first class. ... an audacious undertaking but one at which Mr. Montney artfully succeeds." Judge 24, January 16, 2013, 2013

"To read first 10 poetry pages of Montney's The Seeker Is The Sought, click 'Sample Chapter' at" -- Pacific Book Review Author Spotlight , 2013

"My ideal reader reaction I suppose would be, I'll take this Montney fellow at his challenge, read his first poem through last in sequence, and emerge an initiate...." Pacific Book Review Author Interview, 2013

Marvin Richard Montney's Poetry Article, "Love As Transformative Empowerment" , 2012

"... his ideas & actual lived life into lyrics that are inventive & inspiring." Judge 62, November 16, 2012, 2012

"'The Seeker is the Sought' is a collection that should be sought itself." Margaret Lane, Midwest Book Review, 2011

"Montney's intriguing and ambitious insights into the psyche of love are a success...." Indie Literature Now, [Daniel Kine], October 5, 2011, 2011

"question ... interesting ...? Marvin Richard Montney How does the reader-initiate start out her or his journey, and end it? Are the changes or transformations substantive, or...merely hedonistic...only? What is the...content of the book's 'mysticism'?", 2011

"Montney ... uses his extensive knowledge of Western and Indian philosophy to inform his poems." (San Francisco) Sunset Beacon Author Interview by Natasha Lee, 2011

"'The Arrival,' ... with a clever nod to Jane Austin ... alone is a very worthwhile selection." San Francisco Book Review, 2011

"... sure to find an audience in the literary circuit because there is so much symbolism." Gary Roen, Midwest Book Reveiw, 2011

"... I became deeply involved ... that love is not just a statement...." Lisa M., Readers' Favorite Book Reviews, 2011

"Even after 82 pages, ... leaves you wanting more." Cheri C., Amazon Five Star Customer Review , 2011

"... takes the reader on a journey in which the speaker evolves...." Natasha Lee (San Francisco) Sunset Beacon, 2011

"[T]he universality ... overall will widely appeal to readers...." The US Review of Books, 2010

Passion in life Raymond A. Moody, Jr.'s theory of the afterlife, Shankara's Advaita Vedanta, Krishnachandra Bhattacharyya's Neo-Advaita Vedanta, absolute idealist metaphysics, poetry, novels, humor, memoirs, playwriting, twice world champion San Francisco Giants.


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1432702267
Page count: 72pp

In this collection, visionary poet Montney opens the doorway to the soul to uncover love’s uncharted essence.

For centuries poets and philosophers have tried to explain the special relationship between lovers and people in love and to understand the intrinsic language communicated between them. The means to articulate love are often beyond the comprehension of most people, so leave it to a poet who is also a philosopher to scrape back this sacred marrow of passion and strength and make the concept remarkably palpable and present; “Ablaze with you, I burst / into transformed day” (“To an Island girl: Twenty-three for Debbie”). Through his poetic lens and questioning mind, award-winning poet and teacher Montney has attempted to bridge his love of words and his love of thought as a means to find deeper understanding. For more than 35 years, his experiences as a writer, lecturer and teacher of Asian and Indian philosophies have colored his voice to form a challenging yet enjoyable style; “Where have you been, my sweet, my man /  for many a long year? / Where have you been, my Kojiyan, / these many a long year?” (“The Eurasian girl to her love”). A good writer uses his life as a camera to help influence his writing; a great writer synthesizes these experiences into touchstones to create a path of knowledge for the reader; “what’s in the unrouged smile / of a mother’s lips pressed together / speaking softly to her four-year-old-son / on the streetcar; in the wired braces / revealed of her grinning nine-year-old / daughter seated opposite” (“What love is”). Montney certainly falls into the latter category. He transports us with words to the lush shapes of Hawaii or the rugged outdoors of Oregon and takes us to new mental plateaus as well. Invoking Plato, Socrates, Ram Dass, Ikhnaton and others, he shows his depth of ability to weave all his knowledge into a variety of poetic styles and rhythms, granting wider personality than if he were merely waxing about love in prose. Not only does this collection include his noted works “Lynne” and “Song of Sophroniscus’ Son,” but several other pieces that will likely further this author's acclaim.

A great read for lovers, lovers of poetry and those with an interest in philosophy.



Humorous memoir

3-act historical Greek Play


ISBN: 978-1-4327-0226-7

UNCHAINED EROS (Unpublished)