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Melissa Peterson

I work outdoors in remote locations—often in rough weather. I come home and study hard. Every so often, I have a beer with friends. I write because life is often quiet. I write because it seems it has always been so. Inside my head, there is a silence that overcomes each moment. Inside, there is a hush that invades every thought.

There is no one at home waiting, and I often leave for weeks on end. I work in the rain and the dark. I work in the cold or  ...See more >

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"An intense, lyrical portrait of America's vulnerable underbelly."

Kirkus Reviews


Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2012: JIMMY JAMES BLOOD: (THE MAN FROM ANGEL ROAD)

Finalist for National Indie Excellence Award in Regional Fiction, 2012: JIMMY JAMES BLOOD: (THE MAN FROM ANGEL ROAD)

Author Receives Accolades, 2013

Author Receives Accolades, 2013

Tobi Vail's Review: Jimmy James Blood by Missy Anne, 2012

Hometown Shelton, WA

Day job Agricultural Research Technologist

Passion in life Wild things and good people


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-0615362939
Page count: 194pp

Hopelessness dims this poignant tale of a young woman’s tumultuous, modern American life.

Vera Violet, as she’s called by her boyfriend, Jimmy James Blood, lives a life of misery. In this depressing narrative darkened by doom, she knows only poverty, drugs, murder and incest. The sense of despair weighs heavily; perhaps too heavily for some readers. But those who persevere will be rewarded with an eloquent description of today’s desensitized, emotionally detached youth. Drugs and absent parents are mostly to blame, according to Anne, although unexplored causes, like technology and culture on a larger scale, could also play a part. Frequent drug use mirrors James Fogle’s sobering autobiography, Drugstore Cowboy, a term Anne frequently references in her debut. From the gloom of Washington state, where the timber industry rules, to the rotting bowels of St. Louis, Vera sees despondency in the clouds and pain in the stars while she sinks into the helpless feeling that her future holds nothing more than agony. Nonetheless, she lives on to take solace in the small things: her oxblood boots, which serve as her special connection to Jimmy James, the love of her life; and cherished memories of Colin, her troubled brother. Anne’s powerful storytelling startles readers with its unapologetic bleakness. Her crafting, although gray and humorless, candidly frames the drifting characters in a snapshot of life outside the confines of comfort.

An intense, lyrical portrait of America's vulnerable underbelly.

Pub Date:
ISBN: 0-694-01371-4
Page count: 32pp

Hanna’s family has to move to America from Sweden right before Christmas, and Hanna is terribly homesick, at least until a surprise gift from her Grandmother shows up in a box full of Christmas goodies. Hanna is so disappointed that they might not even have time for Christmas this year with all of the unpacking that needs to be done. Then she sees something rustling in the straw in her Grandmother’s gift box. To her surprise, out pops a tiny little man, a tomten. Hanna soon learns how much trouble an unhappy tomten can cause as he spends all of his time getting into mischief for which Hanna is blamed. As Hanna helps her new magical companion overcome his homesickness, she finds her own draining away. Together they work to bring a little bit of Swedish Christmas to their new home in America. Bright, but simple illustrations add appeal to this story. An entertaining Christmas tale meant to tie in to a line of mail-order clothing, but not much more. (Picture book. 4-7)



Crisis or opportunity? It's all a matter of how you look at it. For some, the dream of a new life is long-held and then finally realized; for others life changes suddenly and irrevocably, forcing them down a completely different path. A Matter of Choice features success stories and cautionary tales in which loneliness, danger, financial realities, and other unexpected consequences caused the original plan to fail or change. A woman rejects the corporate job she worked so hard to secure in favor of leading rafting tours in the wilderness. A young felon begs a judge and her probation officer for the opportunity to enroll in a Habitat for Humanity program and start her life afresh. A middle-aged newsman is forced to embark on a new career path, replete with the gaffes and insecurities he thought were decades behind him. A career soldier finds himself in a different world with very different rules as he follows his dream to become a sculptor. This book offers a realistic, but ultimately optimistic account of the trend that has become increasingly popular, as many Americans have followed up the age-old question, "What should I be doing?" with the more interesting one: "Why?"

ISBN: 1-58005-118-9
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