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M.H. Burton

M. H. Burton grew up in a small farm town in the Midwest, dropped out of the University of Minnesota due to lack of ability and interest in Civil Engineering, and was quickly sucked into the Vietnam War in 1967. Considering himself too large a target to survive an infantry tour he opted for a four year enlistment in the US Army Security Agency and training as a Laotian Linguist at the US Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, Virginia. From there he was  ...See more >

"A solidly entertaining, mildly raunchy quartet of golfing capers."

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Tales of Ramasun Review, 2012

Hometown Hutchinson, Minnesota

Favorite author Joseph Conrad

Favorite book Anna Karenina

Day job Retired, stamp dealer, gardener

Favorite line from a book Jack Aubrey was a happy man when it was at all possible to be happy.

Favorite word caltrop. it has such a nice ring to it and it took me six months to find out what it meant

Unexpected skill or talent Learning languages. I quit high school German out of boredom after one year, did poorly in college Russian but was at the top of my Lao class at the State Depts Foreign Service Institute and later added Thai and Spanish, Total immersion is the only way

Passion in life Family and a few good friends, a quiet outdoor life, and the opportuniity to try my hand at creative things like writing, regardless of the outcome.


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Page count: 313pp

A retired police detective turned wannabe golf professional can hardly find his way to the green without finding a body in Burton’s fun mixture of mulligans and mayhem.

Zach Roper turned in his cop’s badge and is now trying to make it on the PGA Champions Tour, where the over-50 crowd continues to play golf at a high level. As he tries to make the cut, he finds himself embroiled in stuff that doesn’t typically attend a golf match: murder, embezzlement, sexual stalking and international intrigue. To Burton’s credit, he not only makes these episodes (four separate stories, each about 60 pages) credible, but he has what appears to be a comfortable familiarity with police procedural work and golfing—its joys and sorrows and the elemental feel of the golfing landscape. There are moments of stiff interior dialogue, as when Zach struggles to understand what he’s seeing—“Is he just in over his head with this tournament…Or is it something else? His behavior is certainly out of place here”—and Burton’s irksome fondness for ellipses (“He needed a spectacular save out of the deep woods on 12…firing blind…not even sure he could get it back onto the fairway much less the green…amazed to find his ball ten feet from the hole…no idea how it got there”) doesn’t always work on literary or psychological levels. Yet the stories have the muscularity and acceleration to keep the reader involved, and Burton has great success with his characters, particularly Zach and the sassy Thai “princess,” a former professional golfer who joins him in three of the adventures. Those two also share a considerable amount of time in the sack—“The bed springs groaned loudly, no doubt unaccustomed to such a workout”—from Sweden to Southeast Asia, where Burton displays a decent hand at scenery description.

A solidly entertaining, mildly raunchy quartet of golfing capers.


Detective, mystery

A new Zach Roper mystery. The Thai Princess is kidnapped during a golf tournament by a crazy dictator with ties to the Russian mafia and an obsessive desire to improve his putting. Zach needs all the help he can muster to get her back.

ISBN: 978-1480123277
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Detective, Mystery, Thriller

A recently retired US Army Military Intelligence Colonel has a chance meeting with an old high school chum and college roommate which leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth and a lot of unanswered questions. Like how could the irresponsible party animal slacker of his memory have become a trusted and admired financial wizard? He knows that this is none of his business, but he can't resist the opportunity to do the kind of thing he's best at, spying. What he finds out gets him into trouble, and gets his old pal into even deeper trouble.

ISBN: 978-1480071643
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History-Vietnam War

Collection of short stories set on US spy base in NE Thailand, M*A*S*H with spooks instead of docs

ISBN: 978-1477415078
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History, Vietnam War, Thailand

More tales of the wacky, over-educated, oversexed GI's of Ramasun Station, a remote signal intelligence spy base in the wilds of NE Thailand

ISBN: 978-1481964555
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Children's books, travel, culture

Phet is a born and bred Bangkok cat who considers himself an urban sophisticate so he is shocked when he finds that his owners are going to move back to the impoverished wilds of NE Thailand where they came from. Will he go with them? And if he does, will he survive among all those ignorant backwoods peasants.

ISBN: 978-1482739596
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