Books by Michael J. Hawron

Michael J. Hawron studied electrical engineering and behavioral sciences at the Sloan School of Management at MIT before taking a long break from his formal education to travel the world. Over the next thirty years, Hawron ran various successful small businesses and nonprofits while living in over thirty different countries on five different continents. Along the way, he experienced countless unique adventures, including a close encounter with a group of baboons; surviving near shipwrecks, killer typhoons, earthquakes, and ball lightning; and giving directions to a lost Chinese platoon. While living in Hong Kong, Hawron worked as a book editor for a PR firm. Having completed his master's degree in higher education at Texas A&M University, he now works as general manager of a digital design firm. His greatest adventure of all, however, is fathering twelve children. Now a grandfather of fourteen, Hawron lives with his wife, Annette, in Texas.