Nancy Ruth Lindquist

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and history. I live on a farm in Wisconsin which grows prairie grass and trees, birds, butterflies and bees. I work full time so my writing gets done at four in the morning. My poetry has been published in Writing for Our Lives and A Wise Woman’s Garden. This is my first novel.

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"A unique tale of one woman’s progress and redemption, perfect for readers who enjoy philosophizing about God and motorcycles."

Kirkus Reviews



A young widow rides across Minnesota to attend a motorcycle rally in South Dakota, engaging in a spiritual journey of self-discovery along the way in Lindquist’s debut romance.

Karen Dahl is a born-again Christian who decides to honor her late husband’s memory by participating in a pilgrimage of bikers to Sturgis, South Dakota, where her best friend and sister-in-law, Rita, lives. As the book opens, Karen is getting ready for a motorcycle class, as she struggles to master the vehicles that her husband had adored. Although she’s unsure if she’s ready, she finally hits the road, embarking on a multiday, harrowing journey aboard a vintage bike. Along the way, she questions the sanity of her plan and several times considers turning back. An inner voice propels her onward, though, and so she gets the opportunity to visit many quirky motels and rest stops along her route. At each stop, she encounters engaging characters, the most noteworthy of whom is an attractive man named Jack who’s also headed to Sturgis. They connect quickly and end up traveling in tandem for a chunk of the ride. Lindquist reveals how Karen’s evolving relationship with Jack triggers poignant flashbacks of her troubled marriage, as well as memories about how her enduring friendship with Rita developed. As Karen travels closer to Sturgis, she struggles with difficult philosophical and religious questions regarding the intent of the God who allowed her husband’s ghastly death as well as what she wants from her own future. Throughout this absorbing, intricate tale, Lindquist captures the reader’s attention with thought-provoking plotlines as well as lyrical, artful prose. The story is also peppered with intriguing geographical details about the sights and people to be found in small towns between eastern Minnesota and western South Dakota. Lindquist provides such a thorough, nuanced character study of her protagonist that readers can’t help but get attached to her as the story unfolds.   

A unique tale of one woman’s progress and redemption, perfect for readers who enjoy philosophizing about God and motorcycles.