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Patrice Sikora has worked in radio news most of her life, and has always been in love with the power of the medium. While there were some brief stints in medical educational television and environmental education, she always returned to radio where she worked was privileged to work with some great journalists in major markets and at national networks. Patrice has an undergraduate degree in Communications and German and a graduate degree in Geography. She and her husband have three sons and currently share their home with several cats and Italian greyhounds.

An avid reader herself, Patrice was inspired to write the first book of the Dream King's Courier series when, one day while on her daily commute to work in New York City, she found herself without anything to read

The Dream King's Courier Cover

The Dream King's Courier

BY Patrice Sikora • POSTED ON April 5, 2014

Gods and magic in the modern world grace Sikora’s debut novel.
Gwen Revmore’s world is much like our own, except that the existence of a huge pantheon of gods is an accepted part of everyday life. These gods, who draw power from being worshiped, compete with each other constantly for higher positions in the Promethean League’s Deity Rankings, a list of the top 100 gods. Gwen is an animal control officer who has no interest in the gods and refuses to choose one to worship. Then an accident kills her husband and critically injures her son, Sam. To save her son, she asks the god Nathao, king of dreams, for help. He agrees to save Sam’s life if, in return, Gwen will become his Courier, the mortal who carries messages to and from other gods and who leads the Dream King’s other mortal servants. Nathao’s previous Courier was murdered by Bayel, the god of joy, whose worshipers have turned him to a darker path by offering blood sacrifices. Bayel wants more power and thinks he can get it by destroying Nathao and taking his place on the List. Having archvillains named Ralph and Emily is a bit jarring, but perhaps that’s the point—evil can easily hide behind a mask of banality. Sikora’s characters aren’t deep, but they are fairly reasonable; even some of the bad guys are sympathetic. The concept of gods who are shaped by their worshipers’ desires and beliefs is an intriguing one, especially when depicted against a familiar backdrop of modern life. And the idea that those gods are willing to fight and even kill each other over their positions on some silly list is both amusing and regrettably familiar. Sikora’s writing is competent enough to keep readers interested, and her action-packed story includes some unexpected twists.
A bit simplistic but nevertheless quite entertaining.

Pub Date: April 5, 2014

ISBN: 978-1493614820

Page count: 340pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: July 8, 2014


The Dream King's Courier: Pawn

It's never good to be stuck in the middle of a family squabble. This is especially true when it involves the gods. Gwen Revmore, Courier to the increasingly powerful Nathao, King of Dreams, finds herself in this exact situation as the King's brother Luke and his wife Persephone prepare for the birth of their son. Persephone's decision to defy her mother and slip away to have the baby outside of her mother’s temples sets off a power struggle that leads to the revelation of a key secret involving Persephone, Luke, and Nathao. Gwen becomes the unwilling messenger between mother and daughter—and an unwitting pawn in their feud. Demma wants what she’s owed and will make sure she gets it, even if it turns Gwen’s world upside down and decides the future for her son Sam.> Gwen already has problems of her own. She fears a Solitary named Kebo wants to settle the score for the death of his friend, Nathao's rival Bayel. She hopes to convince him that Bayel went rogue. Doing so may win her a friend and mentor when she needs one the most.
Published: Nov. 29, 2015
ISBN: 978-1517042141