Books by Paul L. Centeno

Blood Immortal by Paul L. Centeno
Released: May 28, 2015

"Serviceable, undistinguished fantasy fare."
In Centeno's (Dark Sanity, 2014, etc.) latest novel, a "humyn" prince hopes a marriage of necessity to a high elf will end a terrible war. Demons plan otherwise.Read full book review >
DARK SANITY by Paul L. Centeno
Released: June 18, 2014

"A savory treat for sci-fi/fantasy readers."
From the author of The Vagrant Chronicle (2012) comes a post-apocalyptic Western in which a tortured hero struggles to separate illusion from reality. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 4, 2012

"A dark but epic tale of heroism in a very brave, very new world."
An unlikely hero tries to save the children—and the world—in this complex but satisfying fantasy. Read full book review >
RED NOVA by Paul L. Centeno
Released: March 14, 2012

"A familiar but exciting sci-fi epic for readers of all ages."
Centeno's debut sci-fi novel follows a group of human soldiers on an intergalactic adventure in the 27th century. Read full book review >
Maz'Hura by Paul L. Centeno

"Sci-fi and fantasy merge to form an entertaining romp in space."
A military spacecraft captain tries to keep her crew safe while battling pirates, creatures, and an alien race that Holy Scriptures declared eradicated in this sci-fi adventure. Read full book review >