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Paul Mark Tag graduated with degrees in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University and worked for the Naval Research Laboratory as a research scientist for over thirty years before retiring to write fiction. For years prior to retirement, and the following year exclusively, he honed his skills writing short stories. These have been published in StoryBytes, Potpourri, Green’s Magazine, and The Storyteller, as well as The Errant Ricochet: Max Raeburn’s Legacy. In 2005, Tag published his first thriller, Category 5, which took advantage of his knowledge of meteorology and weather modification.  ...See more >

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"A poignant romance anchored by a rich cast of characters and detailed setting, which will likely appeal to fans of historical fiction."

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown Monterey, California


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1462114474
Page count: 256pp

In Tag’s historical romance, a Japanese-American woman unravels a closely guarded family secret and discovers the depths of her mother’s love.

For Kazuko Armstrong and her younger brother, Patrick, October 2000 is a time of great sadness. Their father, James, is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease and their mother, Keiko, has suffered a debilitating stroke. Despite their grief, the siblings take great comfort in their parents’ love, which has endured despite many hardships and tragedies. Keiko Tanaka and James Armstrong grew up in Bellevue, Washington, and became engaged shortly after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. They married just before the Tanaka family was sent to a series of internment camps, including the Tule Lake Relocation Center in California, and James enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Kazuko was born at Tule Lake, and the Armstrong family wouldn’t be reunited after the end of the war. During the Tanakas’ internment, they suffered the loss of Keiko’s twin sister, Misaki, and older brother, Masao. Years later, with Keiko on her deathbed, a surprise visitor provides Kazuko with an intriguing connection to her family’s past. Tag successfully combines the story of James and Keiko’s romance with a compelling mystery. The parallel narrative skillfully weaves Kazuko’s modern-day story with Keiko’s experiences in the early 1940s, resulting in a fully realized portrait of both women and their families. The tale is further enriched by its well-developed supporting characters, including Keiko’s parents, Akemi and Isamu; and Takeo Sato, Misaki’s fiancé at Tule Lake. Tag handles the central theme of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II in a forthright, sensitive manner, presenting a variety of viewpoints on the moral and ethical issues involved. The Tanaka, Armstrong and Sato families have very different responses to life in the camps, and as the story develops, Tag shows how the children are affected by their parents’ points of view.

A poignant romance anchored by a rich cast of characters and detailed setting, which will likely appeal to fans of historical fiction.

Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1475978247
Page count: 406pp

In Tag’s (Category 5, 2005, etc.) thriller, a scientist learns that Nazis are planning a return to power with an attack of worldwide proportions—and that her family in Colombia may be behind it all.

Linda Kipling’s father, on his deathbed, relays shocking news: Linda’s family fled Germany at the end of World War II. Her father was unaware of the true atrocities of the Nazi regime, but her uncle Friedrich certainly wasn’t, based on letters he’d written to Kipling’s mother. Friedrich has apparently been plotting a Nazi “comeback” for some years. Kipling makes cousins Dieter and Axel Müller nervous when she flies to Cartagena, Colombia, to see what they might know about Friedrich’s purported plan; clearly, she’s onto something big. She and Victor Silverstein, her boss at the Naval Research Laboratory in California, connect the Nazi scheme to missing NRL researchers in Greenland and a couple of NRL scientists murdered in the U.S. Friedrich’s letters hint at the plan’s catastrophic goal, and global warming may not be as natural an occurrence as people believe. It may seem that the author is setting up a preachy environmental message on climate change, but he instead dishes out a solid thriller rife with action and suspense. Parts are reminiscent of a murder mystery, as Capt. Jane Stigler of the Federal Center for Data Examination, whose former well-respected boss was one of the people killed, investigates the murders with technical director Andrew Peters. Other scenes smolder with tension, like Kipling’s trying to escape the Müllers’ compound after realizing that her cousins are no longer interested in letting her live. Anticipation is at full steam for most of the story: Dieter and Axel, who are, at least for readers, indisputably the villains, have a Plan B should their Greenland operation be discovered, and it’s even more ominous than what’s already taking place. A few of Kipling’s actions are questionable: She’s smart enough to avoid going to the NRL or home when she’s being trailed by an assassin, but she rather foolishly keeps her cellphone on—a beginner’s mistake in this day and age. Still, Kipling’s a worthy protagonist, and she and Silverstein, featured in Tag’s prior novels, may earn new fans.

Global warming is a mere plot device for this substantial thriller.



Dr. Victor Mark Silverstein is a Jewish African-American whose background is as unusual as his personality. He lives a privileged life as the Naval Research Laboratory's preeminent meteorologist and scientist. But beneath the facade of a self-centered, arrogant personality lies a seething, vulnerable man whose secrets have plagued his sleep since 1982. That's when he discovered the truth about what happened to his girlfriend, Sylvia.In the year 2007, his nightmares become a reality when weather satellites detect an environmental aberration. Memories from college at Penn State-and their accompanying heartbreak-push their way back into Silverstein's life. Only he knows the root cause of the phenomenon and its scientific basis-and the mastermind behind it all.This fast-paced thriller spans the globe: from the Suez Canal and Christmas Island to Istanbul, Turkey; to Monterey, California and Washington, DC; and finally to Bermuda. Silverstein and his feisty female assistant, Dr. Linda Kipling, begin a desperate and harrowing pursuit for the truth and for those responsible. With time running out and the environmental catastrophe unfolding, they must survive a terrifying ride through the eyewall of a hurricane. The final showdown pits good against evil and intellect against loyalty. Along the way, Silverstein finds peace and becomes reacquainted with a faith he abandoned long ago.

ISBN: 0-595-34075-X
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In 1889, one of the worst environmental disasters to befall the United States occurred in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. More than 2,200 people died when a poorly maintained sporting dam gave way and destroyed the town. Only minutes before the catastrophe, a nineteen-year-old girl enters a church in Johnstown, puts a letter into a bottle, and places it inside a safe. In the year 2009, that safe is unearthed. The letter reveals that the author knew of the impending flood. At the same time, laboratory experiments in Russia have far-reaching implications. In what could prove to be the scientific discovery of the ages, researchers uncover a rare genetic mutation that could scientifically explain the clairvoyant powers exhibited by prophets of old. At the epicenter of the ensuing maelstrom, Dr. Victor Mark Silverstein, the Naval Research Laboratory's preeminent scientist, and his loyal assistant tangle with greedy U.S. senators, the CIA, and a Middle Eastern organization for verification and control of the "prophecy gene." The hunt begins for a present-day carrier who could confirm the gene's potential and prompt development of a synthetic replacement. At stake is theological chaos for the world's religions-and the power to control the planet.

ISBN: 978-0-595-43444-2
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Short stories

Before Paul Mark Tag discovered his niche writing thrillers, he honed his storytelling craft by penning short stories. This medley includes fourteen of Paul's favorites, written over a period of five years. Expect to experience a range of emotions as you page though this engaging and eclectic collection. You'll feel the trepidation of two boys delivering Christmas cookies to their scary neighbor in "The Curious Miss Crabtree." You'll wonder if six-year-old Mary's girlfriends--who visit at night!--are real or imaginary in "Mary's Secret." You'll recognize the conflict of feeling different in "A Matter of Honor," as an immigrant accepts his heritage. In "Double Exposure" you'll indulge in the curiosity and resolve or a spunky teenager who's been told she's always been too smart for her own good. Her instinct to investigate draws her into a neighborhood mystery. And "The Long Walk Home," at only 128 words long, will touch your deepest emotions. These stories, many previously published, will warm your heart, keep you on the edge of your seat, and bring you to tears. The book's crowning jewel, "The Errant Ricochet: Max Raeburn's Legacy," will make you do all three.

ISBN: 978-0-595-49194-0
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