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Paul Martin Midden began writing fiction late in his career. He was drawn to the magic of creating new characters who appeared to have minds and lives of their own. Writing fiction provides an imaginative experience not available in many professions.

Paul’s writing has been well-received. His first novel, Absolution (2007), was about a priest torn between his public vows and his personal needs and desires. It was followed by Toxin (2009), a political thriller, recently re-released, and in some ways was a precursor to his most recent book, Indivisible?
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"This battle isn’t for the faint of heart, however, as the surreal yet eerily plausible extension of current politics will elicits some chills."

Kirkus Reviews


Pub Date:
Page count: 313pp

Midden’s (One Voice Too Many, 2011, etc.) deeply disturbing novel about the fracturing of modern America opens with Joe Biden’s nightmare of Barack Obama’s assassination.

Coming out of the divisive real-life landscape of politics in the past decade, this macabre tale revolves around a U.S.-based insurrection, the likes of which has not been seen since the Civil War. In an attempt to gain power and enable the country to be remade, a handful of influential businessmen, clergymen and others—some of whom fit the M.O. of Donald Trump, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter—plan the hostile takeover of several key government institutions, including Fort Knox and the Capitol, as well as dissenting men and women, such as some professors and elected officials. Rev. Abner Bellamy of Georgia, brothers George and David Blinder, and Daniel Keenan each undergo the same shirking of faith in government—supposedly emblematic of the real anger of the political right—and lead the rebellious Sovereign Citizens group. Harvey Winkelstein, a gunrunner and physics professor, provides the ammo. On the other side, a handful of valiant operatives under Max Grabel of the CIA, his contract worker Marie LeBrun, and her lover and PI/contract worker, Samantha Stranger, work diligently to find out just who’s leading the scheme and how it can be stopped. Interlaced with informative exposition designed to further detail the political context, the narrative can sometimes sound like a flat professor: “Ultimately, it was this group that determined that the time was ripe for an escalation of hostilities and an outright dismantling of the United States of America.” Overall, though, the plot moves with enough speed to keep readers engaged. With an abrupt cliffhanger, the story doesn’t quite come together in the end—it’s as though readers are watching Zero Dark Thirty without knowing the crucial outcome—but Midden’s underlying aim of establishing the angry, partisan undertones of the current political climate is remarkably effective. This battle isn’t for the faint of heart, however, as the surreal yet eerily plausible extension of current politics will elicits some chills.

A brutal political battle that may be too much for some readers.



Radko Slopovich. A Roman Catholic Priest, Radko leads a life of duplicity; though promised to celibacy, Radko meets and falls in love with Ursula, with whom he unexpectedly has twins. Unable to choose between his call to the priesthood and the woman he loves, Radko marries Ursula and moves to a large Midwestern diocese where he is afforded just enough anonymity to maintain his family life and remain a priest. For several years, Radko carries on with both his priestly life and family life. But when he learns he is about to be named bishop of a rural diocese, Radko s conflicting passions are ignited. Will he choose to further his career in the Church, or remain loyal to his wife and young children? Can he have both? But Radko will soon learn that there is more to his new role in the Church than initially meets the eye. He has been picked to be part of a plot orchestrated by a close friend and a highly placed Vatican official. And while this plot has the power to change the face of the Church forever, it also has the power to destroy Radko and all he holds dear. As the gripping narrative unfolds, Radko must seek meaning in the midst of chaos and grapple with the consequences of the choices he has made and those choices that have been made for him.

ISBN: 978-1589824188
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New Creations: The Treatment of Priests, offers ordinaries and religious superiors a candid look into dealing with their problematic priests and religious. It describes time-tested approaches and strategies that are straightforward and respectful of the needs of the man, those around him, and the Church at large.
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ONE VOICE TOO MANY (Unpublished)
Psychological thriller

Jeremy Walker is a mid-career carpenter with a tough past. He is filled with contradictions: a loner who longs to be with women; a craftsman who reads widely in the classics; a dreamer whose fantasy life begins to take over. He starts hearing a voice. The story opens with the climax: Jeremy loses it. There is a task to complete, but his mind won’t let him do it. He ‘disappears’: he vacates his consciousness and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. The story is how he got to this precarious point. There were several marriages: the first ended in violence, the second in death, and the third—the one he wanted to keep—in the disintegration of his mind. That third wife, Macy, was a competent professional woman with a daughter to raise and a family to be part of. She was not desperate but open to someone just like Jeremy: solid, hardworking, good-looking. She got what she wanted, only to see the marriage turn sour. She never knew just how bad it got: she was unaware that Jeremy had decided to kill her. In the meantime, as the alienation increases, she reconnects with her philandering ex-husband, a handsome physician now living in California with his new wife. She sends her daughter to stay with him for a few months in an effort to sort out her own disturbing life. She ultimately travels to California to visit their daughter and is shocked to find her handsome ex married to a wealthy older woman who controls him. Macy, ever the survivor, collects her daughter and returns to Baltimore. She has decisions to make.
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TOXIN (Unpublished)
Political thriller

Jake Telemarck is a junior senator from Wisconsin who enjoys his position as a moderate, common-sense legislator. His life is moving along nicely until he receives a phone call from Isadore Hathaway, the daughter of a famed but deceased US senator. Isadore arranges a clandestine meeting with Jake to tell him about a plot by a group of fanatical right-wing evangelicals (the Bookeepers) who plan to destroy US democracy and replace it with a theological oligarchy. She wants him to kill these men. Jake is taken aback at first and refuses to get involved. Isadore bolsters his motivation by telling him that he has been targeted by this group as a potential obstacle to their plan. In addition, he realizes that Isadore has discovered a part of his past that had long been buried. When in the military, he was part of a secret group of assassins. Jake refuses to get involved until parts of Isadore's scenario start to come true. Despite his vow to himself never to harm another person, he agrees to help Isadore stop these men. But the rebellion is deeper and more entrenched than he believed, and events conspire to put Isadore and Jake-as well as the US government--on the defensive. The outcome is far from certain in this fast-paced, first-person narrative.
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