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Released: Dec. 11, 1990

Somebody is killing mob informants all over south Florida, and it's up to intuitive Lt. Andy Amato and his observant, computer-minded wife, Sgt. Gabrielle Amato, to find out who. Not that nobody else is looking: Andy and Gabe, who left Miami for the slower pace of West Palm Beach, have just been called in to assist the Palm Beach PD, and the FBI has posted hands-off signs all over the case too. But nobody—not the local law, not Andy's old FBI buddy Phil Wesley, or his hard-nosed partner Donald Gruen—can figure out why a hit man who'd just gunned down federal informant Chuckle Portuno, relocated to Florida under the Witness Protection Program, would be shot himself minutes later, or why someone has killed four other informants given new identities by the feds. When Andy's mob contact Carmine swears the Mafia hasn't had anything to do with the killings and feeds him the name of another informant, Benny "Beans" Pisoli, Andy goes after closemouthed Pisoli—but despite Gabe's sharp observations and hours with an artificial-intelligence computer program and Andy's hunches, the case doesn't take off until Gabe, catching the killer in the act, gets kidnapped for a predictable finale. Bland heroes, anemic plotting, good dialogue. First of a series. Read full book review >