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For years RICHIE G was the "Mister" of "MR. & MRS. YOUPORN." Richie and his wife Randi were founders of -- the biggest, baddest hardcore video site on the World Wide Web. But every cool career has its start somewhere. Long before he became Mr. YouPorn... long before the World Wide Web was even woven... Richie G was a night-shift cab driver prowling the steamy streets of San Francisco -- Birthplace Of The Sexual Revolution! Richie belonged to an elite -- and over-sexed -- cabbie crew calling themselves the  ...See more >

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"'Raw, explicit, and exquisitely raunchy erotica aimed at those who enjoy racy sex stories set in unconventional surroundings.' - Kirkus Reviews"

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown San Francisco


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-0-692-43958-6
Page count: 258pp

The kinky, titillating, and marginally fictionalized adventures of a horny taxi driver and his flirtations.       

Richie G, the debut author of these 18 salacious, hypersexual exploits, is both a co-founder of amateur XXX Internet video website YouPorn and a former overnight San Francisco cab driver. The narrator here, the cabbie group’s ringleader, Frankie Morello, is described as a “Don Juan in the Driver’s Seat” and provides plenty of vulgar material to back up the claim. Frankie plans to “fuck [his] way through life” and “die in a beautiful woman’s bedroom at the age of ninety...shot by her jealous husband.” This scenario plays out in explicit detail in several stories involving hookers and their abusive pimp-boyfriends. Here, in true porn style, the men are insatiable and well-endowed, while the women are curvy, expertly talented in a variety of carnal arts, sometimes a little psycho, and more than willing to engage Frankie and his cohorts. With not much to differentiate the Paulas, Charlenes, and Carlys from the Donnas and the Kaceys, it’s up to the individual plot details to keep readers glued to each ribald anecdote. Some pay their fare with their bodies, some are nothing more than sexual tumbleweeds blowing around some of the seedier sections of San Francisco, never averse to some steamy action with an oversexed cabbie. In these retellings (sometimes more corny and demeaning than sexy), Frankie demonstrates a knack for storytelling, and readers will envision him sitting on the hood of a cab, surrounded by co-drivers hanging on his every nasty detail. The collection is best read in bits and pieces since eventually every backseat gasp and front seat slurp blurs into a hazy fog of steamy windows and various emissions.     

Raw, explicit, and exquisitely raunchy erotica aimed at those who enjoy racy sex stories set in unconventional surroundings.


Late Night Tales From A San Francisco Cabby
<p><a href="">TaXXXi Tales - Kinky tales from a founder of and ex-San Francisco night cabbie!</a> from <a href="">Kinky Literature</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>