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Roger Croft is a former journalist whose news reporting and feature articles have appeared in numerous publications including 'The Economist,' the 'Sunday Telegraph' in the U.K and in the 'Toronto Star' in Canada. He has also worked for 'The Egyptian Gazette' in Cairo where he wrote editorials and freelanced for various international publications.
He is now a full-time novelist. In 2010, he wrote THE WAYWARD SPY, first of a trilogy of Mideast spy novels, followed by OPERATION SALADIN [2013] and THE MAGHREB CONSPIRACY [2015]. Both OPERATION SALADIN and THE MAGHREB CONSPIRACY have been reviewed by Kirkus Reviews; Publishers Weekly reviewed all three espionage novels, awarding a starred review to OPERATION SALADIN.
Croft's life-long professional interest in world politics sets the framework for his intricate spy stories, leavened as they always are, with the irony and humor of a seasoned observer. Other books: SWINDLE! [non-fiction]; BENT TRIANGLE [romantic skulduggery].



BY Roger Croft • POSTED ON July 16, 2020

An MI6 operative finds himself suspected of treason in this latest installment of an espionage series.

MI6 looks to Michael Vaux, a seasoned agency veteran and retired journalist, for a freelance assignment. Operation Mascara puts Vaux in Marseille, France, where a terrorist cell is reputedly plotting to bomb a mosque that’s under construction in Algiers. He is awaiting contact from a mole within the cell. But unbeknown to Vaux, Department B3, an MI6 subgroup, has him under a “dark cloud of suspicion.” According to a source known as Tarboosh, Vaux is responsible for copious treasonous acts over a roughly 20-year period with MI6. B3 monitors him in Marseille with the hope that agents will uncover evidence of Vaux’s supposed alliance with the Syrian government. Complicating matters is B3’s deputy director, Alan Craw, who has a personal vendetta against Vaux and would be all too happy to see him imprisoned as a traitor. But Vaux has allies who are aware of what’s happening and feel obliged to warn him of a potential setup. He may have to decide between facing his accusers and simply disappearing. Croft wisely retains a straightforward plot as myriad characters and their mysterious or dubious allegiances propel the absorbing story. The recurring spy is appealing even if he’s oblivious to much of what’s going on. This does nevertheless amp up the tension, as readers know people are unquestionably gunning for Vaux. Chiseled prose engenders a consistent narrative momentum while occasionally lingering on quieter moments: “All regrets…dissipated into a benign cloud of well-being and, yes, optimism,” as Syria’s longtime honorary consul in Marseille “gazed through the large picture windows at the indigo blue of the becalmed Mediterranean.” The novel ends smashingly with a sharp, unexpected turn.

A taut, engrossing tale about spies and their dangerous webs of duplicity.

Pub Date: July 16, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-4808-9190-6

Page count: 206pp

Publisher: Archway Publishing

Review Posted Online: Oct. 23, 2020

Kirkus Reviews Issue: Dec. 15, 2020



BY Roger Croft • POSTED ON Sept. 1, 2017

MI6 agent Michael Vaux returns to track down a security breach in Lebanon in Croft’s (The Maghreb Conspiracy, 2014, etc.) thriller.

When British intelligence assets go missing or turn up dead in Beirut, an MI6 subgroup, Department B3, turns to semiretired Vaux for a secret freelance assignment. Specifically, they ask him to find the person who’s been leaking key information. However, Anthony Mansfield, MI6’s head of station in Beirut, quickly becomes aware of Vaux’s operation, and he’s unhappy with what he sees as B3’s “interference.” Mansfield sends his own agent to keep an eye on Vaux, who, in turn, makes contact with Chris Greene, B3’s man in Beirut. Vaux also acquires his own asset—a student at the American university—but his investigation hasn’t gone far when he and Greene stumble upon a new body. Vaux further deduces that the killers may also be engineering a frame-up. Things get even more problematic when Greene mysteriously vanishes and Vaux receives a ransom note. The agent, with help from Sgt. Pitt of the British Embassy and others, quickly plans a rescue mission. As the murders continue, Vaux devises a way to trap the mole before anyone else dies. Croft incorporates a suitable amount of tension into his plot. This is largely accomplished by the historical setting, as it takes place in 2010 and includes the real-life Israel-Lebanon border clash. This event unnerves the already anxious Mansfield and acts as a constant reminder of the potential for violence. But the novel gets the most mileage from its down-to-earth qualities: Vaux may be a professional spy, but he still has to borrow Greene’s Sig Sauer—and when Greene wants that returned, Vaux is forced to borrow someone else’s weapon. The self-aware Mansfield also provides plenty of wry humor; he’s a fan of spy fiction and contemplates adopting the jargon of his CIA counterpart, Alex Mailer (such as the term “dangle” for a double agent). The reveal at the end is satisfying, though somewhat predictable.

An espionage tale with believable characters that draw readers into the action.

Pub Date: Sept. 1, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-5470-7727-4

Page count: 292pp

Publisher: Cassio Books International

Review Posted Online: Dec. 26, 2017



BY Roger Croft • POSTED ON Oct. 23, 2014

The intense, riveting final installment of Croft’s (Operation Saladin, 2013, etc.) Mideast trilogy.

MI6 agent and former journalist Michael Vaux is once more brought back into the fray in Croft’s latest suspenseful, dramatic thriller. Happily housesitting for an ex-lover and relieved to be retired from the danger and strain of espionage, Vaux is dismayed to hear that his services are needed yet again. MI6, a subgroup of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, has begun a new operation, reluctantly choosing Sebastian Micklethwait, their newest man, to lead the project, despite his inexperience. As a cautionary measure, MI6 decides to lure successful and savvy Vaux back into the game as a sort of chaperone for Micklethwait. The risky operation, involving the defection of a high-ranking al-Qaida operative and the promise of priceless information handed to MI6, grows more complicated and dangerous when the liaison between the official and MI6 is found brutally murdered. Vaux rejoins the murky, tense world of chasing shadows and hunting terrorists and soon discovers that this current operation is far more threatening than the ones he has taken on before. He’s forced to outsmart a competing CIA agent as well as the underground of the Muslim Maghreb; meanwhile, Micklethwait is kidnapped, raising the stakes even more. Will Vaux be able to keep apace of the agents and double agents who conspire to derail his mission? Clashes of culture, faith and motive escalate as lives are put at risk and no one proves trustworthy. Woven with historical fact and modern conflict, Vaux’s triumphant return for one last nail-biting mission proves to be a rewarding and satisfying end to this trilogy. Readers who appreciated the rumpled and unlikely hero before will celebrate his latest success and the deftness with which he bests his enemies. In fast-paced, straightforward prose, the substantive tale weaves together tension, romance and humor as Vaux once more emerges as a likable, admirable hero who carries a complicated plot with aplomb.

The gripping conclusion to a spy series piloted by a relatable, enjoyable hero.

Pub Date: Oct. 23, 2014

ISBN: 978-1500823320

Page count: 276pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: Dec. 16, 2014

Operation Saladin Cover

Operation Saladin

BY Roger Croft • POSTED ON May 2, 2013

A suspenseful, behind-the-scenes look at espionage and politics through the eyes of a British journalist.

Croft (The Wayward Spy, 2010, etc.) once again intrigues his reader with this fast-paced sequel. Michael Vaux, a former MI6 agent, is based in Cairo, where he works as a journalist. On an otherwise ordinary day, he receives a hot news tip from a friend: On an otherwise ordinary day in 2000, Syria’s President Hafez Assad has died. This catalyst triggers more than just the next day’s headline; Vaux’s longtime friend, Ahmed Kadri, is arrested, and Vaux is soon embroiled in an intense investigation about any links he might have to MI6 as well as Kadri. Desperate for protection, Vaux leaves Cairo and resumes his relationship with MI6, his former employer that, despite tense relations with Vaux in the past, agrees to work with him in exchange for Vaux’s taking on a special assignment: Operation Saladin. This crucial, intensely dangerous assignment is a top-secret effort to aid the defection of Dr. Nessim Said, a Syrian nuclear physicist—along with his confidential information regarding Syria’s nuclear power. Vaux’s effort to smuggle Said out to the U.K. goes awry almost immediately when Said is mysteriously murdered and his notes taken, complicating Vaux’s ability to track down the secret files. As accusing fingers point to Mossad and other suspects, MI6 begins to cast a suspicious eye toward Vaux; soon, as his own life hangs in the balance, he can’t even trust his own employer. Tightly written and laden with dramatic tension, Vaux’s quest for truth and freedom is constantly tested, especially when his own friends become less and less trustworthy and his own safety is further compromised. Surprises lurk behind every character in this original storyline fraught with suspense.

A web of secrets and betrayal sure to grab spy-novel fans.

Pub Date: May 2, 2013

ISBN: 978-1482311693

Page count: 270pp

Publisher: CreateSpace

Review Posted Online: July 11, 2013

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Bent Triangle

Frances Innes and her brother Jason inherit $50 million after their parents die in a plane crash. Both are ingenues when it comes to money and investments, so they leave the family fortune in the capable hands of an old stockbroker friend of their father's. They decide to travel. In London, they meet up with Enrico, a friendly and attractive man who claims to be the financial advisor of sheiks, third-world dictators and pop stars. Dazzled by his worldly charm and impressed by his financial expertise, they agree to join him on a leisurely trip to Tangier. There, a fateful triangle of love, jealousy and greed is forged. Distracted by the exotic backdrops of Morocco and the seductive glamour of the Cote d'Azur, Frances and Jason become the unwitting targets of a sinister conspiracy to rob them of their inheritance.
ISBN: 0-595-17703-4

The Wayward Spy

Veteran newsman Michael Vaux plans to enjoy early retirement. But the British Secret Service has other ideas: they discover his earlier, youthful friendship with Ahmed Kadri, Syria's chief armaments buyer. It's 1992, and MI6 is convinced Syria is about to sign a multi-billion dollar arms deal with Russia that could upset the delicate balance of power in the Middle East. But nothing goes according to plan. Vaux, who agrees to a one-off deal with MI6, mysteriously disappears from the Geneva Middle East peace conference while Russia uses the international confab as a smokescreen for secret negotiations with Syria. Vaux resurfaces with photocopies of the arms accord and his superiors at MI6 are elated. Enter the CIA. The U.S. spy agency claims that Vaux's version of the deal is 'chicken feed'--a deliberate deception by the Syrians. Has Vaux colluded in this ruse? MI6 rebuffs the unwelcome charges by the American cousins and dispataches Vaux to Tangier where Kadri has suddenly sought self-exile following a surprise coup by a small circle of President Al-Assad's Shia [Alawite] supporters. Vaux's task is to pump critical Syrian intelligence from Kadri, now presumably a bitter and disillusioned former top official of the Syrian regime. The final outcome of Vaux's trip to Morocco is as much a stunning surprise to MI6 as to Vaux himself.
ISBN: 9781450590204