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Ronald L. Herron's earliest known direct paternal ancestor sailed from what is now Northern Ireland and landed in the (then) colony of Virginia in 1635. Born in central Tennessee 313 years later, his parents moved him to Michigan as an infant, where he's lived there ever since. He received a BA degree from Wayne State University (Monteith College) and an MBA from Michigan State. He writes using his initials (as R.L. Herron) ... but all his friends know him simply as Ron.

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"Skillfully written and emotionally charged."

Kirkus Reviews


Readers Favorite Gold Medal, 2012: Reichold Street

Readers Favorite Silver Medal, 2013: ZEBULON and Other Short Stories

Hometown Lake Orion, Michigan

Day job Retired from my day job, and loving it. So much time to write!

Favorite line from a book “The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are things you get ashamed of, because words make them smaller.” - Stephen King


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1475106237
Page count: 292pp
A loosely woven series of coming-of-age tales set in 1960s America.

In this collection, Herron (One Way Street, 2014, etc.) tackles big themes: mental illness, war, loyalty, abuse, friendship and family. Readers might easily get lost in such broad terrain, but Herron keeps them tethered by a unifying question: How are memories constrained by perspective? In his foreword, Herron describes the book as both anthology and novel; chapters share characters and settings but offer original details and points of view. The first is in small-town America, 1962. Paul, a teenager, watches a new family move into the house across from his on Reichold Street, and he confronts Albert, who looks like a bully, for the first time. Over the next few years, Albert’s stepfather, Carl, terrorizes his family and the neighborhood with drunken abuse as Paul tries to help and Albert rebels. Readers learn to hate Carl while losing hope for Albert. Subsequent chapters, told by Carl, Albert, their family members and other kids on Reichold Street, add layers to these events. Carl’s chapter, seen through his confusion, medication and booze, offers a frightening yet compassionate view of mental illness and its stigma, especially in the ’60s. These opening chapters are the strongest in the collection; the characters are bold, the plot twists surprising, and the point—that we never fully know a person or his or her story—heartbreakingly clear. The middle sections, related by minor characters, add little to the overall narrative; some read as filler, although one, told by a Reichold Street kid lured by organized crime, makes a fine stand-alone story. Toward the end of the book, Herron returns to Albert, his two tours in Vietnam and the pall of that war over American youth. Through flashbacks to Reichold Street, readers further witness Carl’s lifelong, devastating influence on Albert; an additional chapter from Carl’s perspective would nicely round out the book.

Skillfully written and emotionally charged.


Historical Fiction, Thriller

In R.L. Herron's first novel, 2012 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner REICHOLD STREET, he created a powerful coming-of-age story set in the turbulent Vietnam era dealing with the tough issues of family dysfunction, alcoholism, suicide, madness and war. In ONE WAY STREET, the second book in a planned trilogy, several key Reichold Street characters return in a tense, gritty thriller set during, and immediately after that same era. The powerful 5-Star-rated story follows them again through war, despondency, love and a murderous stalker.

ISBN: 978-1499279450
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Literary Fiction

A superb collection of general fiction stories from award-winning author R.L. Herron. Nineteen tales that shine a light on things we often choose not to talk about; societal illnesses like hatred, bigotry, despondency and war. Yet many also touch on the bright, soft things in life we need to remember; the subtle butterfly wings of love ... and hope ... that occasionally tickle our minds and hearts. A Readers Favorite 5-Star Book!

ISBN: 978-1477548318
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A superb collection of award-winning stories from author R.L. Herron. Twelve tales that range from sentimental ghost stories, to flash fiction, to pure and simple fantasy set in relatively familiar, normal worlds. You'll discover amazing, scary and sentimental yarns covering everything from contemporary physics and near-space travel to improbable deals with the devil. More than just fantasy, they are stories of life, love and the experiences of ordinary, if not always exactly normal people.

ISBN: 978-1475299229
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