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S. A. Chapman, an Australian fantasy/science-fiction author, spent his childhood surrounded by old religious and historical texts, occult books, language books, D&D and other curiosities - sparking an interest in the unknown and obscure.

He began his early writing career by creating back-stories and worlds for his strategic board games, during his primary school years.

Religion and History are probably his two favourite topics -why? Because of how they are intertwined, the catastrophes and atrocities unleashed by those institutions as well as the moral advancement of humanity that religion has likewise played.

The clashing of ideologies, where the line between blurred 'good and evil' is distorted and the concept that 'one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter' is deeply ingrained in his fantasy writing,

He currently lives in Qatar with his amazing wife and splendid daughter. He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, medieval sword fighting, heavy-metal, video games, falconry, woodworking and of course- writing.