Samy Veluchamy

Author: Samy Veluchamy, MSc, MS, ScD, CCE.
President, Global Health Reach Foundation, LLC. USA.

Dr. Samy Veluchamy has a diverse educational background, including post-graduate education in engineering and biology, medical physiology, biomedical engineering, and health care management. He began his health career in 1972, as a biomedical engineer and clinical researcher in the Division of Cardiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia in the United States.

For the next thirty years, Dr. Veluchamy worked in several senior management positions in the United States’ health care systems, including the roles of: corporate vice  ...See more >

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"A handy reference that addresses the detection and treatment of common diseases and disorders."

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Favorite author Dr. Susan M. Love, MD., the author of Hormone Book

Favorite book The Healthy Woman: A complete Guide for all ages.

Day job President, Global Health Reach Foundation LLC, Westerville, Ohio, USA.

Favorite line from a book Empowering people to improve their health through education in the United States and other developing countries

Favorite word empowerment

Unexpected skill or talent Empowering people in my audience by telling compelling and inspiring examples of patient stories from ten major countries.

Passion in life Improving people's health through teaching


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1493712458
Page count: 320pp

The first in a two-volume health care guide for both laypersons and health care workers.

Veluchamy brings over 30 years’ experience in medical research and patient-care services to this easy-to-read work, which is both an at-home guide to health and wellness and a clinical reference manual. The first volume discusses a host of topics, including the doctor-patient relationship, patient safety, diagnostic tests and preventive wellness care. It’s particularly designed to provide health care information to readers in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, where chronic diseases have eclipsed infectious diseases as the leading causes of death. Still, the manual is general enough for a worldwide audience. Part 1 of this book looks at risk factors for chronic ailments, informed consent and patient rights, common medical errors and when to get a second opinion. The author includes stories about his own patients, which illustrate his points and make the guide more instructive. For example, as he discusses the case of a surgical patient, he offers a questionnaire to help patients determine whether they’re strong enough to undergo surgery. In this section, there’s also a useful table of screening tests for a variety of diseases, with recommended intervals. In Part 2, Veluchamy covers preventive care and wellness initiatives, with special sections on the health needs of children and the elderly. The subchapter “Healthy Aging” is particularly helpful, as it addresses the changes one may expect during the natural aging process. Part 3 specifically tackles chronic diseases, including heart and vascular issues, cerebrovascular disorders, diabetes, and respiratory and kidney ailments. Drawings, photos and tables in each chapter will help readers understand the material, and the text is amply footnoted with explanations and cross-references to other chapters. Overall, the book will be easily accessible for nonexperts, as it’s generally free of medical jargon. Although the guide could benefit from a topical index, its table of contents is detailed and well-organized, allowing readers the chance to explore hundreds of subjects.

A handy reference that addresses the detection and treatment of common diseases and disorders.


Health and Medicine, Diseases, Diagnostic tests and treatments

In this series' second volume, Dr. Veluchamy focuses primarily on conditions not covered in the first volume of his book Title: The Incredible Human Machine Volume 1. Volume 2 covers (in chapters 15 through 26) beneficial healthcare information to patients/families and healthcare workers about: Digestive system diseases, Acute abdominal disorders and current surgical treatments, Women's health issues, Men's health issues, Cancer, Infectious diseases, Environmental hazards and occupational health risks, Bone and joint diseases, Understanding the safe use of medicines, Hormonal disorders, Health-care providers, and Additional Patient stories, including suggested additional resources for the readers.

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1494749149
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