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Steven M Hacker, is the author of two books:
In February 2016, his first novel, much more a thriller than a pure historical fiction piece, The Caduceus and The Swastika was published and was the recipient of The Historical Novel Society's 2016 Editor's Choice Award and 2017 Indie Award long listed. In October 2015, the 3rd Edition of his popular business book, The Medical Entrepreneur was published.

About Steven M Hacker

Steven M Hacker was one of twelve students selected from a national pool to enter medical school early through the prestigious Junior Honors Medical Program. He graduated from University of Florida medical school. He spent two years training in internal medicine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Dr. Hacker returned to Gainesville and completed his dermatology residency at the University of Florida By the time he had completed all his training, he had published over twenty peer-reviewed medical articles in medical journals, and co-authored several textbook chapters in clinical medicine textbooks.

He is also the author/originator of several patents for inventions in the fields of electrical engineering, chemical engineering and electromagnetic resonance theory.

About his books

His most recent book, The Caduceus and the Swastika, winner of The Historical Novel Society's 2016 Editor's Choice Award and 2017 Indie Award long listed is more a thriller than historical fiction and is centered on the unique experience of medical students, doctors and professors during the Nazi uprising.

The Caduceus and the Swastika follows the harrowing flight of three medical students and their professor as the insulated world of academia crumbles under the onslaught of Nazism. Max, Rebecca, and Stats want only to learn medicine, but the Reich has its own plans for their chosen profession, and still darker plans for them.

In the new 3rd edition of The Medical Entrepreneur , Pearls, Pitfalls and Practical Business Advice for Doctors, Dr. Hacker shares the lessons learned from both the mistakes and successes he had experienced in growing a medical practice and creating unrelated entrepreneurial ventures at the same time.

This is the new third edition (2015-2016) of the most popular business and practice management book for physicians, medical students and medical residents. Thousands of doctors and entrepreneurs have bought this book before joining a group or starting their own practice or entrepreneurial venture. This third edition includes a bonus section to help entrepreneurs and doctors source out specific vendors' and their products and services to get a jumpstart on your business or medical practice.

The Medical Entrepreneur Cover

The Medical Entrepreneur

BY Steven M. Hacker • POSTED ON Dec. 16, 2010

A doctors’ guide to entrepreneurship contains practical advice on everything from hiring and billing to insurance and patents.

A Florida dermatologist and Internet startup veteran, Hacker believes that “to practice medicine successfully today, a doctor must be equally as versed in the art of business as he or she is in the art of medicine.” To that end, in this new edition of his first book, he gives medical students and established physicians all the information they could need to found a private practice and branch out into business ventures. The author recommends working as an individual rather than joining a group practice; this route may be riskier, but the financial rewards are greater. He clearly enumerates the first steps: setting oneself up as a corporation, trademarking a practice name, choosing a matching URL, opening a line of credit (“the blood supply of your practice”), and choosing attorneys and insurance agents. The book is heavily informational, down to form numbers, specific regulations, telephone numbers, and Web addresses. Luckily, the text is broken up with subheads and repeated elements such as “Pearls” and “Pitfalls to Avoid,” as well as italicized “Stat Consults” from four contributing attorneys—whose expert opinion sections are so long they might almost be considered co-authors. After a rather dry Part I, Part II introduces some welcome anecdotes about Hacker’s experiences running (cosmeceutical sales) and PassportMD (personal health records). But Part III, consisting mostly of conference proceedings and endorsements of particular products and services, seems superfluous. Overall, though, new doctors will likely find this book to be a one-stop shop. Hacker discusses everything from network security protocols to how big a waiting room to build. “Grow with your space,” he advises, rather than buying a large office space and expecting to grow into it. Twenty tables, most in the form of numerical lists, address handy topics, including the pros and cons of in-house billing, the equipment and furniture needed when opening a new practice, and job descriptions for employees.

A comprehensive primer on the business skills essential for physicians.

Pub Date: Dec. 16, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-615-40713-5

Page count: 216pp

Publisher: Nano 2.0 Business Press, LLC

Review Posted Online: March 28, 2016