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T. Mullen

T. Mullen is Tom Mullen. He is the author of a dozen non-fiction and fiction books about travel, wine, history, and environmental issues. He spent two dozen years providing consulting advice and managing environmental, water resource, and infrastructure projects while living in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the US. He has masters degrees in both business administration and engineering.

Tom has been interviewed by dozens of radio channels, has been a public speaker for public and private organizations and universities throughout the world, has published several magazine articles,  ...See more >

"A fine, maverick company of winemakers hold court about the thing they love best: communing with the world of the grape."

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Foreward Magazine Review of Rivers of Change Book, 2004

Paddler Magazine Review of Rivers of Change, 2004

Malibu Times Review of Rivers of Change, 2004

Hometown Laguna Beach, California

Day job International consultant for water resources and environmental projects


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ISBN: 978-0-9849565-0-0
Page count: 360pp

From a global cast of winemakers come intimate, revealing comments about their art, which swing between invigorating to mellow.

Three years, 50 people and a dozen countries later, Mullen returns with these insights into why folks involved with the wine trade are in love with their work. The reasons are legion but all of a part: being outdoors and in tune with the seasons, entering into a partnership with the grapes, pride in the art of creation and an independence of spirit; as one Slovenian winemaker said, “When we started we have opinions that are different than other guys.” What Mullen has delivered is essentially a transcript of the spoken word, as unvarnished as are many of these mostly unsung winemakers—there are plenty of abrupt transitions and digressions—an enjoyable collection that contains many a rough diamond who yet ably convey the passion they bring to their work. “I like drinking red wine. I like making red wine. I like thinking about red wine.” Mullen keeps the proceedings lively by covering not only lots of ground—New Zealand to Missouri, Washington to the Azores—but also lots of aspects of winemaking, from cooperage to corks, the challenging demands placed on women winemakers, research into screwcaps, the talents of the garagiste, winery architecture. Particularly impressive is a short course on Italian geology that blossoms into an earnest and enlightening dissection of the whole notion of terroir, as well as a wonderfully disarming story of a Frenchman who now makes cognac, but who came to the calling via Kent in England, where he worked at “a small winery in the town of Chiddingstone for a bit more than two years. That’s where I learned to make wine.” That is an admission perhaps unique in the long annals of winemaking. Included are photographs heavily saturated with atmosphere, the kind you can almost smell before you see them.

A fine, maverick company of winemakers hold court about the thing they love best: communing with the world of the grape.



Fiction, romance, adventure, action, Africa, environment, Latin America, wildlife

In Panama’s Darien jungle, Colombian rebels kidnap American wildlife biologists tracking a harpy eagle – the most ferocious raptor alive. In Maryland, researchers at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center discover this eagle has vanished. The link between these abductions unfolds in a story of smuggling wildlife, running drugs, tracking clues via satellite, and succumbing to unlikely passion. This story about facing the past in order to handle the future skips from Central America to Dubai, and then across the United States – from northeastern suburbs to windy high peaks in Colorado. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780988354029
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RIVER OF DREAMS (Unpublished)
Historical fiction, history, fiction, romance, France, United Kingdom, battles, hundred years war, king david, dreamms,

In the wake of murder, three characters within a young man’s dreams identify the culprit. But putting the criminal behind bars creates another challenge. Set within England’s beautiful and ancient university town of Durham, River of Dreams braids together stories of a medieval battle, construction of a Norman cathedral, and a failed French rebellion – to help solve a murder mystery. A soldier, a milkmaid and a rebel transform to unusual allies in this fresh storyline that oscillates between centuries and flicks between nations. - See more at:

Ireland, historical fiction, history, civil war, romance, adventure

River of Ireland tells of raucous and romantic episodes that shaped the character of these island people during the past five millennia. Fiction and fact are woven together in a series of interconnected stories set along the Shannon River that include Viking raids, the triumph of King Brian Boru, a Norman siege, a blind harper’s romance, and the pursuit of a Spanish Armada captain over a wild landcape. Each story points to a mysterious location and a pivotal event that transformed the future of this island. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956555
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History, Europe, Italy, Historical fiction, romance, travel, Tuscany

River of Tuscany blends mystery with history in a series of interconnected stories set along the Arno River during pivotal moments of Italy’s past. A cryptic guild of hydraulic engineers wields twelve rules of wisdom to alter the course of civilization. Hannibal used them to smash the Romans, Dante Alighieri to transform Italy’s language, and Da Vinci to herald in the Renaissance. Now that ancient criteria have been satisfied, these lessons can be written down and unleashed to the world. Yet a powerful young woman must decide – who will handle this task? - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956524
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Travel, travelogue, environment, water resources, USA travel

If he was reincarnated today, Captain Meriwether Lewis could retrace the journey that his Lewis & Clark expedition made two centuries ago. Within hours he would shake his head in confusion and surprise. What became of the Missouri, Yellowstone and Columbia rivers that his group traveled along? The answers come alive when told by those who live and work along these waterways. These voices speak in the book Rivers of Change – Trailing the Waterways of Lewis and Clark. This travelogue weaves interviews, anecdotes and research that highlight how the Missouri, Yellowstone and Columbia rivers changed since Lewis and Clark explored them between 1804 and 1806. The author spent five months moving along these rivers – driving, canoeing, rafting, even scuba diving – and interviewing dozens of people involved with waterways: barge pilots, wildlife biologists, Army Corps of Engineers staff and tribal historians. Join the author as he shares conversations with these experts. - See more at:

ISBN: 978-0974341606
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Inspiration, mysticism, Jung, pyschology

Synchronous ‘signposts’ can clue us in to important people and events about to enter our lives, remind us of our core interests, improve our decision making, and help us to balance work with doing what we love. This short book is filled with anecdotes from throughout the world that highlight the importance of paying attention whenever an unusual coincidence makes us shake our head in surprise. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956562
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Travel, Africa, Environment, Autobiography, Memoir

The Deep Sand of Damaraland tells of drilling for water in a stunning land, and the irony of trying to battle drought in a desert. This is where the Wild West meets Africa – where trackers hunt criminals, farmers feud neighbors, rogue elephants pull apart water tanks, and one contractor rides horseback to the bush to lasso giraffes. In a paradoxical land where African and European lifestyles coexist and clash, and where intuition eclipses logic – the key to sanity and success pivots on getting to know the local people. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956593
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Synchronicity, coincidence, travel, inspiration, mysticism

A death in Colorado’s mountains relates to a bizarre set of coincidences. What they share in common unravels in unexpected locations – the highlands of Guatemala, a beach in Morocco, a hut on Mount Kenya, and a pub in Dubai. The Synchronous Trail is an unusual travelogue that tells how powerful coincidences – which psychoanalyst Carl Jung called synchronous events – can provide stunning insights to help rid our doubts, clarify desires, and highlight optimal routes to travel on through life. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956548
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Adventure, romance, action, Africa, wildlife, environment, thriller

Levitation technology that can deliver free drinking water throughout the world verges on release. It can wipe out thirst and disease, or be wielded as a tool to keep oil as the world’s dominant energy source. From the streets of Zurich to coastal inlets of British Columbia, and from Malibu’s Pepperdine University to the malpaise badlands of New Mexico, a chase unfolds that matches wits, gumption, and an unusual mathematical algorithm against powers eager to control the transformation of the world. In grappling with pursuit, one man and woman end up physically and psychologically involved – while reshaping their identities. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956517
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Travel, Africa, Environment, Autobiography, Memoir

Water after War tells about searching for drinking water during a cease-fire. In an African country three times larger than California, joy and tragedy coexist in towns where the last buses pulled out twenty years ago, and where the last seen elephants were slaughtered to be grilled. This is a story of a gorgeous, war-ravaged land where abductions, anarchy, and strolling through minefields form part of daily life. Welcome to Angola – a strangely novel and hospitable country where each day is beautiful, though bizarre. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780988354012
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Travel, Africa, Environment, Autobiography, Memoir

Water and Witchcraft recalls the travails and triumphs of providing drinking water to villagers in rural Malawi. In an African land where little goes as planned, gracious locals and quirky foreigners pit their wits against witchcraft, sickness and questionable managers to improve the lives of remote families. The results are rich and unusual. This story recalls years spent working throughout Malawi. - See more at:

ISBN: 9780984956579
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