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Tara Fox Hall

Tara Fox Hall received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a double minor in chemistry and biology from Binghamton University. Tara Fox Hall’s writing credits include nonfiction, horror, suspense, action-adventure, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romantic drama. She is the author of the paranormal fantasy Lash series, the paranormal romantic drama Promise Me series, and the transgender erotic Grow a Pair series. Her horror stories have appeared in Deadman’s Tome, Flashes in the Dark, Ghastly Door, The Halloween Alliance, Black Petals, SNM Horror Magazine, Microhorror, Dark Eclipse, Cemetery Moon,  ...See more >

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"A salacious coming-of-age novel that will enrapture fantasy readers."

Kirkus Reviews


Reader's Favorite 2012 Finalist, 2012: LASH: LASH SERIES BOOK#1

Radio Interview at Coffee with Authors, 2013

Day job Safety and Health Inspector at Metal Fabrication Shop

Favorite line from a book “The world will not be this way within the reach of my arm.” --Clarice Starling

Favorite word Relentless

Unexpected skill or talent Chainsawing

Passion in life To help as many animals as I can, get my many stories read, and enjoy myself


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1938076152
Page count: 366pp

Hall’s first book in a new series follows Lash, a “weresnake” assassin employed by a vampire.

The prologue opens in New Orleans, during the time of President Hoover, with Lash in the process of killing Ken, a man who surprises Lash by shape-shifting into a panther. Lash has to bite Ken and inject him with venom in order to kill him—a possibly incriminating mistake. Readers will be anxious to find out more about the past that haunts Lash, and the narrative delivers. The first chapter delves into his humble childhood as a weresnake named Trystan in the swamps of Florida. When Trystan is 16, his criminal father returns, complicating Trystan’s upbringing. His hope for a loving family reunion dashed, Trystan also loses his first love, Mara, a fully human woman. From there, readers follow Trystan as he ventures out, plagued by the strengths and weaknesses of his dual form and driven by an insatiable sexual desire. He meets a virgin, fully human woman named Gretchen, but their passion ends tragically, leaving Trystan longing for her. In the end, after becoming an assassin and perfecting his murderous skills, Trystan tries to recapture what he once felt for Gretchen. She tries to reciprocate, but the liaison once again ends in tragedy. Throughout the book, Trystan is steeped in regret; his empty, hopeful words are at once alluring and mournful. Fantasy fans will be enthralled by a world populated by werefoxes, werebears, werewolves and more, while evergreen themes—deception, regret, and the seeming inevitability of loneliness and despair—will pull readers in even closer. Given its gruesome killings and explicit, violent sex, this tale’s certainly only suitable for adults.

A salacious coming-of-age novel that will enrapture fantasy readers.


Paranormal suspense with romantic elements

Shocked at Danial's betrayal, Sarelle returns to her old home to consider her options. Yet even as Sar plans a reconciliation with Danial, Terian arrives, confessing his desire. When Theo witnesses Terian and Sar kiss, he angrily confronts Sar, leading to startling consequences. Will Sar's heart choose Danial, Terian,…or Theo?

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Political fiction, social commentary

This book contains a series of conversations, rendered in the form of a dialogue, between three friends on topics which Americans are actively prevented from discussing, except perhaps in private, behind closed doors. The prevention of these discussions is destructive both to American social discourse and to the future of our democracy. Dialogues are not plays. They are an ancient and venerable pedagogical technique for introducing controversial or difficult subjects, and have been used to great effect by well known philosophers. Easier to read than essays, dialogues should not be confused with the sort of conversations one finds in novels or movies. George Berkeley skillfully used the dialogue format to introduce his radical form of idealism: the notion that everything that exists depends upon minds for that very existence. In 1632, the great Galileo famously used a dialogue to argue for the heliocentric theory of the solar system. His book Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was so powerful and controversial that Galileo was convicted of heresy by the Catholic Inquisition. Though the topics of the conversations recorded herein are themselves quite controversial, the fact that they are now in your hands is due to something even more controversial: one of the participants of these conversations died in an effort to bring them to the reading public. Whether that death and its accompanying violence were worth it, we will leave to the reader to decide.
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Transgender fantasy

When dramatic changes begin to occur in Callie, she fears they may be the result of a chemical spill from a plant ten miles from where she lives. Catching her boyfriend cheating on her, she moves in with a woman, but her attraction to her new roommate makes her question her own sexuality. Is she really falling in love with a woman? How can she possibly explain what is going on inside her own body and that her transformation may not be complete? Her roommate will surely think she has lost her mind.

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Paranormal dramatic romance

In a desperate effort to halt her transformation to vampire, and stop her longing for the sultry Devlin, Sarelle willingly takes a drug to kill her desire, even as Danial prepares for the introduction of their son Theoron at a Vampire Gathering on New Year’s Eve. Faced with Theo’s betrayal at the eleventh hour, Sarelle must either trust in Danial to save her, or join forces with Devlin, revealing her secret desire for him.
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Paranormal historical drama with romantic elements

At the turn of the 19th century, former aristocrat turned lowly vampire Devlin Dalcon gets by on his supernatural charms until he meets bride-to-be Annabelle. Smitten by Anna's forthrightness, intellect, and bravery, Devlin risks his life to spirit her away to Fontainebleau, France. There Devlin begins his ascent to power in a desperate bid for wealth and social standing for himself and Anna. Forging alliances with other supernatural leaders, he usurps the vampire Lord of Fontainebleau, amassing many enemies during his brief reign. Within a few years, he and Anna are again forced to flee for their lives to America. Living in hiding, Devlin is determined to amend his ways. But when tragedy strikes, Devlin's dark side, never fully extinguished, emerges rampant, securing him the bloody throne of America even as his malevolence and loneliness consumes him.

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Horror and suspense

From the murky depths of a summer lake to the echoing halls of an insane asylum, evils both supernatural and mortal lie in wait for potential victims. Those innocent might escape by a hair’s breath, if they’re lucky. Then again, they might not. Just Shadows is a collection of disquieting stories; some horror, others suspense, ranging from classic haunted houses to murder to the apocalypse, and everything in between. Root for the victim or villain, its up to you. Justice is blind, and sometimes the sword falls where you’d least expect. The shadows are waiting for you. Dare you step into the darkness and be judged?

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Horror, short horror story collection

Three novella-length tales of suspense and horror of the haunted sunken Isle mansion known as Latham's Landing Blurbs: The Origin of Fear Four college friends mount an expedition to Latham’s Landing—an abandoned island estate infamous for mysterious deaths—to gather pictures and inspiration for a thesis on the origin of fear. All That Remains Sandra has come to Latham’s Landing seeking to discover what really happened to her relative who disappeared there years before, persuading her reluctant friend Tina that a little paranormal investigation will be fun. The Fire Within A bitter Caroline Stone embarks on a mission to destroy the evil isle estate that took her fiancé, joining with several others also out for retribution. Can the combined fire of their hate triumph over the relentless evil of Latham’s Landing?
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Transgender erotic fantasy

Less than a year ago Callie had been a woman, but through exposure to experimental hormone therapy from an industrial accident, she had woken up one morning in bed with her boyfriend to discover that she possessed the ‘equipment’ of a man. The shock had not been the physical equipment so much as how quickly she had grown to like being a man instead of a woman. Then came meeting Cheryl at the lowest point during her transformation. She had fallen for the sexy blonde before she understood that her desires had changed along with her body. The last six months have been sure bliss for both of them, but when Callie proposes marriage to Cheryl, she turns her down, fearing that Callie may change back into a woman, and Cheryl wants a man. The two of them go their separate ways, and in this sequel to “Grow a Pair”, Callie decides to experience life as a man free of constraints, hooking up with a virgin, living with a couple where the husband likes to watch his wife with other men, as well as having a variety of other adventures, until things begin to change…again.
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Paranormal romantic suspense

When young widow Sarelle McGarran finds the vampire Danial Racklan unconscious and hurt in her woods, intuitive concern quickly becomes passionate love. Together Danial and Sar work to overcome their own past heartbreaks, their vastly different lifestyles, and Danial's relentless enemies. Yet Danial needs more; an Oath of forever. But can Sar give Danial his greatest desire?

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Paranormal short stories and novellas

With Every Goodbye (Sarelle) Sarelle McGarran loves her new country life, her pets, and her husband, Brennan. When she loses him to a tragic climbing accident, Sarelle must fight depression, financial hardship, and her family and friends' good intentions to embrace a new destiny all her own. Heart's Bells (Theo) College students Theo and Casey are in love, but Theo's father's ambition for his artistic son stands in their way. When Theo's family is attacked by a werecougar on vacation, he alone survives. Now afflicted himself, will Theo dare endanger the one person he loves most, hoping their love will endure his new animal nature? Total Eclipse of the Heart (Heather, Devlin, Ulysses)* Heather is a hardworking college student studying to be a nurse. When she meets the vampire Devlin Dalcon, infatuation quickly becomes obsession. Will Heather heed Devlin's warnings, or let herself be destroyed by her dangerous desire? Night Shift (Jordan, Heather) * and Just Business (Tony, Thane, Danial, Devlin, Nate, David, Jordan, Angelica, Lash)* When the mortal teen Angelica witnesses careless vampires draining accident victims on the hospital night shift, she runs to her bosses, mobsters Tony and Thane, for protection. While angered at the problem, Devlin also sees possibilities for expansion with Tony and Thane…if he can maneuver everyone into place in time. Partners (Danial, Devlin, Angelica, Theo)* this is an extended version Vampire investigator Danial Racklan finds more than his target when the suffering werecougar Theo crosses his path one evening. For Theo is not only a man with a past as tragic as his own, but also destined to give Danial something he's never had before: a partner he could trust. State of Grace (Nate)* Made a vampire by accident, timid Rodney has been reduced to feeding on animals to survive. Befriended by a veterinarian, Jackie, Rodney goes after her the night she attempts to thwart a dogfighting ring alone. But can he kill others of his own kind to save Jackie's life? Sonata (Devlin, Nate, David)* When Nate challenges Devlin to seduce a human woman using limited words, the handsome vampire agrees to the bet, figuring to let a musical composition do the work for him. But Mary Ann, the woman in question, has an agenda of her own. Night Music (David and Krys)* Grieving Krys Markman has come to lose herself in family memories at Letchworth State Park, and try to figure out her next step. Yet the unearthly beautiful music she hears each night stirs her soul to romance. Can its creator, the attractive vampire David Helm, heal her broken heart? Tears and Rain (Terian, Kyle) Terian has come west, seeking his friend and former mentor Colin in an effort to forget his unrequited love for Sar and increase his magical skills. Instead, he finds a harsh lesson in the bonds of family, along with fresh purpose and determination. Heart's Solace (Theo and Tasha) When the badly wounded cougar comes to her father's country estate, Russian teen Tasha names him Nazdeha, the word for hope. But as time goes on, Tasha discovers that the animal is instead a werecougar named Theo, whose only thought once recovered is to return to his family. Scared that Theo is doomed to die if he leaves, Tasha bespells Theo with Heart's Solace, a magical love potion given to her by a mysterious cloaked figure. *These stories link together to tell a wider story


Paranormal dramatic fantasy with historical elements

Returning weary from the carnage and horror of World War II, weresnake Lash searches for revenge on the demon Hex, whose treachery years ago lead to the death of Lash's best friend and former employer, the vampire Abraham Hamilton. With the help of old friends like fellow weresnake soldier Dieter, Lash's current vampire boss Devlin Dalcon, and the demon Shaker, Lash digs into the murky depths of Abraham's past, trying to find answers. But with every riddle solved, a new question surfaces, as more and more conflicting details of Abraham's human life come to light. Burned vampires are also being found mysteriously indoors, an occurrence that U.S. Vampire Ruler Devlin asks Lash to resolve. Blackened as if they were exposed to sunlight, the scorched vampire corpses leave no clues. Vampire hunters are suspected, but the facts don't fit. No other group claims responsibility, panicking the vampire population as the charred bodies mount up. Stymied in both quests, Lash accepts the help of the werewolves Morwen and Darwin, refugees from a supernatural hunter group that was decimated by an evil spirit. But even as his allies increase, so do Lash's enemies, several vicious attacks leaving him triumphant but badly injured. Nursed back to health over a period of months by Morwen, Lash adjusts his revenge plans, even as he begins to fall for the skittish female werewolf whose short life has been as terrible as his own. Upon realizing Morwen's terrible secret, Lash kills her tormentor, and the two begin a troubled affair, slowly finding a measure of healing on one another's arms. With new concern for Morwen's safety, Lash realizes that he must have more help, and heads west, undergoing a Test of Wills to win the werebats—ancient allies of Devlin's—to his cause. Partnering with the werebat colony, their wise leader Mather, and his ancient golem bodyguard known as Outlaw months later, a newly healed Lash follows the winding, twisting trail of clues to the small town of Malone to unearth a secret horror long buried and solve the mysterious riddle of Hex's hate for Abraham. But Hex has been waiting years to claim that secret for his own, plotting from the shadows and enlisting his own horde of demons as allies, waiting for just the right moment to strike back and avenge himself. And this time not even a weresnake hell bent on a mission and his friends will stand in Hex's way.

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Paranormal fantasy

A renegade vampire begins amassing a flock of true believers, threatening America's vampire hierarchy. Weresnake Lash partners with old enemy Danial and new allies Burl and Spiderboy to track down Eli and his followers and annihilate them. Betrayed and left for dead, Lash reemerges the victor, edging ever upward in the Assassin's Ranking, and catching the eye of the sultry nightclub singer Cassandra Nile. Drawn into drugs by Cassie, Lash begins to doubt himself, yearning to leave his life of violence, even as enemies close in from every side. When catastrophe strikes again, and Hill House is destroyed, Lash flees north to Devlin, again pledging service to a Vampire Ruler in return for both safety and revenge. Horrifically injured saving Devlin's life, Lash is granted a potion to tremendously slow his aging, along with an evil request. Healed yet disheartened, Lash returns to his old friend Jasmine, who urges him to take Devlin's offer.

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STALKING YOU (Unpublished)
Gothic erotica with romantic elements, horror erotica

A woman on the run from the man who killed her family stops, against her better judgment, to lose herself in a night of passion. When her stalker finds them, the hunter becomes the hunted.
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Paranormal suspense with romantic elements

After learning Theo is alive, Sar immediately embarks on a mission to find him. Reunited, the lovers return to New York, Danial, Terian and Theo uneasily combining forces to protect Sar from Al’s assassins who still seek her. But when Sar is taken prisoner in an all-out attack, only one man can save her—her old adversary, Devlin.

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Paranormal fantasy romance

When Theo disappears, Sar is left bereft, the uncertain guardian of Theo's newly born werecougar daughter, Elle. As months pass, clues emerge about Theo's disappearance, yet the twisting trail ends repeatedly without answer. In her grief, Sar turns to Danial and hesitantly begins to build a life with him and Elle.

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Gothic romance

When Madeline honors her mother's dying wish and returns to The Chalet, she discovers the true secret of the old mansion; a seductive spirit whose undying love has waited decades to claim her for its own.

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Short horror stories, horror anthology

The Tightening Spiral is Tara Fox Hall’s exciting second collection of short fiction. Dark tales of suspense and terror. Whether your taste in horror runs toward zombies, demons, serial killers, or ghosts, you will find stories to love throughout this collection.
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Paranormal drama, historical fantasy

Weresnake Lash journeys to Europe on the eve of war, desperately searching for not only his nephew, but also his former lover Nancy. Leveraged into service to Germany by the malicious German werecougar Theodor von Kessel, Lash befriends fellow soldier and weresnake Dieter, even as he secures safety for Nancy. When Theodor divulges The German Final Solution and the part they are destined to play in it, Dieter and Nancy attempt escape to England while Lash orchestrates distraction. Horrified to learn upon his escape that Nancy and Dieter were captured, Lash returns to Europe in a second rescue, banding with another weresnake called Nails and his motley crew of various weremen to free Dieter and Nancy from the camps where they are imprisoned. Caught by demons in an ambush, Lash is imprisoned in a death camp, but breaks free with Dieter in time to join the American Forces near D-day. Resolute, Dieter and Lash fight onwards with Allied forces to Germany itself, their goals to find Nancy, kill Theodor, and survive the final bloody days of World War II.

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