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T. D. Holt began his professional life developing semiconductor materials in the early pioneering days of Silicon Valley. Patent holder on various Internet technologies, CEO of web-technology pioneer SurfWax.com, and publisher of child-development materials for the past forty years and , "HoloHead" is his third novel. His first two novels "Oblique" and "Substrate" are thrillers highly recommended by Midwest Book Review.

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"Holt’s novel is a satisfying blend of sci-fi, suspense, and romance. A tech-driven thriller..."

Kirkus Reviews


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-0-692-15823-4
Page count: 282pp

Author Holt’s (Substrate, 2016, etc.) innovative thriller drives home the fact that technology isn’t always our friend.

This is Holt’s second novel featuring Lincoln “Mac” MacMahan, a professor and veteran suffering from PTSD. In Oblique (2016), Mac and his students uncovered a government plot to influence the upcoming presidential election (where do authors get such outlandish ideas?). This time around, Mac; his wife, Mindy; and his students discover a foreign scheme to replace the newly elected Margie Perserve, the first female U.S. president, who seeks to unify the country after her divisive predecessor’s nefarious plan failed. But the autocratic, lascivious ruler of an Asian country has Perserve kidnapped, replacing her with an undetectable solid hologram that enables him to direct American policy. As Holt explains in his preface, these are “Hologram forms with self-sustaining space occupancy, light energy, behavior, touch, and mass. A human facsimile, a replica out of thin air, vectored by the nation’s artificial intelligence (AI) backend.” The president’s husband, Roy, a former solider like Mac, notices changes in his wife’s behavior. Around that same time, Mac and Mindy discover inexplicable shifts in the president’s policies. They bring in computer whiz Justin, one of Mac’s students, who uses a filter and finds something suspicious in recent images of Perserve. It’s a race to uncover the imposter and free the president from her overseas captors. Holt’s novel is a satisfying blend of sci-fi, suspense, and romance. He paces his narrative well. The reader is shuttled from Asia to Washington, D.C., to New York as the tension builds. Holt, who comes from a technological background, makes the holographic process believable, no small feat. The novel, however, assumes a tiresomely earnest tone. The leader and his minions are evil, while all the Americans are morally correct. This is especially evident when it comes to the two couples, Mac and Mindy and Margie and Roy: “I do know that what kept me going through all my recovery were dreams of you and your embrace. Imagining that you loved me,” Mindy says. Still, action wins the day here and largely distracts from the flaws.

A tech-driven thriller; entertaining despite the inflated prose.


Thriller, Politics, Romance

Is Social Media destroying America? In today's world of instant messaging and always-on media, where distinctions between fact and fiction are often blurred, Lincoln "Mac" MacMahan, a scarred and war-torn veteran now a professor at a northeastern university, displays remarkable kindness and love towards his students as he strives to teach them the fundamentals of communication: the interface of human nature and society. Unexpectedly, as the Fall semester unfolds to reveal the challenges in discerning shades of truth, Mac and his students uncover a conspiracy inside the highest levels of government, just weeks before the upcoming Presidential election. Fighting against a media storm, character assassination, and the threat of danger, they attempt to reveal the truth about the conspiracy. But will that truth and the growing bond between Mac and his students be sufficient to prevent America from being hijacked by its leadership? The election is looming as Mac struggles with the value of his own life in pursuit of the truth, the meaning of faith, and the disappearance of a beautiful young woman he imagines to be his true love.

ISBN: 978-1-53693-388-8
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World Dependencies: Energy, climate, food, medicine. Yet, there is an even greater dependency that goes unnoticed—on semiconductor materials—substrates such as silicon that are the basis for all the integrated circuits and chips used around the world. Substrates are the foundation to the digital revolution, commerce in the 21st century, the Internet, global communications, and of course, defense systems. A world without computer chips is like a world without the sun. In this exciting debut novel, rumors start to appear regarding the fallibility of chips. We have grown to be completely dependent on these chips that control our computers, our cars, our television sets, our telephones, our defense systems—our very lives. And if those chips suddenly go down, so will we. Jerome Constable, a young Ph.D. and expert in semiconductor materials, has been secretly working on an alternative to computer chips. He stumbles upon an aberration in substrates that may be the cause of the rumors. That such a problem could exist is absurd. He doubts it. His colleagues doubt it. Can the world survive without chips? What's at stake is a fundamental shift in the most essential technology the world has ever known. As the world slides backwards, Jerome rushes to perfect his alternative. He must fight errant bloggers and journalists, maverick federal agents, a semiconductor cartel—all of whom threaten his family, his life, his faith—leading to a thrilling, fast-paced conclusion. High-tech intrigue mixes with human nature—greed, love, doubt, faith—to make this a story that must be told: a thrilling twist to what we assume is true.

ISBN: 978-1-53706-660-8
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