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Terence Kuch

Terence Kuch’s fiction and non-fiction has been published in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Canada, Australia, India, and Thailand, including Commonweal, Diagram, Dissent, Penguin Review, New Scientist, New York magazine, North American Review, Slow Trains, Thema, Timber Creek Review, Washington Post Book World, Washington Post Magazine, and others. His work has been praised by the New York Times and Kirkus Reviews.

He is the author of two novels (see, and is Fiction Editor of The Again, a British speculative-fiction magazine.

His popular dark-microfiction blog has logged 22,000+ page views. He lives in Pimmit Hills, Virginia, with his wife and several opinionated cats.

For more information, see his writer-promo site at

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"... a shocking dose of humor and a handful of riveting scenes..."

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown Pimmit Hills, Virginia

Favorite author Michael J. Sullivan

Day job Information Technology Manager (retired)

Favorite word What If

Unexpected skill or talent ad libs

Passion in life survival with skin reasonably intact


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1612351674
Page count: 180pp

Kuch’s debut thriller combines technology and an unusual method of terrorism.

Former cop Duane Rondo has fallen into a job near Washington, D.C., using a program called ISPI to gather information—even the smallest details—on individuals who seem suspicious or are running for a position in the government. That’s how he discovers the perfectly clear record of Sybille Haskin, a nominee for secretary of Homeland Security, and comes to the conclusion that someone is tampering with top-secret, supposedly secure information in order to make sure that Haskin lands the governmental position. Rondo will stop at nothing to get the information he wants, from giving Haskin a ticket that she doesn’t deserve in order to track it through ISPI, to taking her to bed. What follows is a loosely plotted tumble down a rabbit hole of suspicion within the organization, interchangeable government officials and extraneous characters, a hunt for Rondo by amateur terrorists, spying, techno-speak, unanticipated humor and a galvanizing chase scene that ends in another country and raises more questions. The story is also sprinkled with hints of information via ISPI searches regarding the long-term effects of the nonfatal mustard gas to be used in a massive terror plot as well as excessively detailed peeks into Rondo’s relationship with his cat. While the concept of slow-moving, silent terrorism is unnerving and the intended execution of the plot to spread mustard gas seems feasible, there are several questions left at the end, even after the major threat has been extinguished.

The story presents an atypical terrorism concept, a shocking dose of humor and a handful of riveting scenes, but misses the mark by not tying up all the loose ends and introducing an unwieldy number of characters.



Science Fiction

America in the year 2030: Storefront businesses serve “donors” who sell episodes from their memories (“memplants”) to anyone willing to pay for them. Memplanting began as a tool for psychotherapy, but inevitably became devoted to the buying and selling of sex memories (“sexmems”). ROBERT MORGAN, a recently terminated assistant professor, buys a sexmem that happens to include the memory of an accidentally observed murder. Now the killer is looking for Morgan, the only remaining witness, to silence him. The murder victim’s employer, wealthy TV singing/dancing superstar TRUDA VALLON, is also interested in Morgan’s memplant, so she can help bring the killer to justice – she says. “Tru” and Morgan investigate the crime, follow up leads in San Francisco, Singapore, and Washington with the aid of reluctant detective DENNIS DeLUCA. They eventually uncover an international conspiracy involving misuse of memplant technology to prevent, or perhaps to promote, a nuclear war with North Korea. Morgan’s personality, under the pressure of events, evolves from passivity to action, avoidance to engagement. At the climax, Morgan discovers the truth about Tru’s motives, her past, her sexual orientation, and what the two could mean to each other.

ISBN: 978-1-939156-02-0
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