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After an extensive business career, from the military to industry to Wall Street, and then onto businesses of his own, Tom Balderston has retired and now writes. He is a dedicated servant of the Lord and will openly discuss his faith and how he became a convicted Christian. His wife is a committed Christian also. With many grandchildren and their children all married, together they enjoy family time. Their greatest prayer is that all the family members will have their hearts, minds and souls receptive to the love and Word of God.

He has written two non-fiction Christian books, Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman and The Proven God. He writes a Blog published weekly on the subject of Understanding Islam ( His first novel, The Damascus Quran, is now available.

Having embraced the arena of fiction he finds this new challenge exciting and a valuable avenue to stimulate thought and provide historical perspectives. Another novel, The Wonder of Terra, will be released in March 2015. His books have been published to date by Tate Publishing, Mustang, OK.

Many readers have gained from his insight and explanations on his faith in Christ, as well his thoughts and commentary that aid in addressing doubts about Islam. Tom has been a speaker to many groups.



BY Thomas W. Balderston • POSTED ON Nov. 18, 2014

This sprawling historical novel has an explosive concept at its heart: the discovery of an ancient, alternative Quran.
Balderston’s (The Proven God, 2011) latest book begins in fairly familiar Da Vinci Code territory: Bobby Johnson and Grace Richards are working on the renovation of an old church named Trinity when they discover a crypt and hints of an ancient library on the premises. They learn that the building is owned by a shadowy organization called the Alpha and Omega Society for the Preservation of Truth. For decades, the society has boarded up the library rather than allow its books to incite the world’s anger and rejection—particularly The Wonder of Terra by Father John “Poggio” Dolan, who’d been a part of the society for years but has since retired to Colorado. In order to understand The Wonder, Bobby, Grace and the head of the society jet off to see Dolan, who has a bombshell for them all: Years before, he bought an old manuscript he thought was an ancient Quran, until Ali Malek, a Lebanese friend of his, studied the manuscript and was astonished to discover that it wasn’t a Quran. Rather, it was some kind of alternate Islamic text every bit as old as the Muslim holy book but radically different in several key ways that, if verified and published, would be revolutionary. They anticipate the outrage of the ulema, the scholars of Islam, who’ll cite the relevant passages from the Quran utterly forbidding additions and alterations, let alone wholesale revisions. This alternate Quran could provoke “a battle for control of the Muslim world.” Balderston varies these present-day theological tensions with extensive, well-realized historical segments dramatizing the book’s long history. However, the vibrancy of this history might lead conservative sects to a simple solution: “It was a book that needed to be destroyed.” Balderston skillfully balances these separate strands, blending the past and the present in a potent mixture that will please all but the most religiously zealous readers.

A textured, intriguing novel about a world-changing holy book.

Pub Date: Nov. 18, 2014

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Review Posted Online: Sept. 26, 2014


The Proven God - The Truth Shows the Way....

God and the Bible have played more of a role in the education and development of the minds of major thinkers than you might believe. In The Proven God, Balderston suggests that the Big Bang Theory and other scientific and philosophical conventions are influenced by the Divine and indicative of the Truth: God is real.
ISBN: 978-1-61663-660-9

The Wonder of Terra

A story of a parallel universe that may be our own. It's creation, creator, savior and demise.
Published: March 15, 2015
ISBN: 979-1-63367-289-5

Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman

Author's personal journey becoming a convicted Christian
Published: June 30, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60799-492-3