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Tom Wise

Thomas and Nancy live in Bucks County with their teenage children. They recently moved from the openness and rich soils of the Chicago area to explore the hilly landscapes, stone homes, and history of America’s east coast.

The Borealis Genome (TBG) is Tom’s second book, and our first collaboration in fiction. We have had other ventures such as Nancy’s riding stable and rider training which we operated in Illinois for several years. We have always worked together. Nancy and I have been married for twenty-five years and through out our time  ...See more >

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"An engaging read for sci-fi and zombie fans."

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Honorable Mention - Hollywood Book Festival, 2013: THE BOREALIS GENOME

Finalist - USA Best Book Awards, 2013: THE BOREALIS GENOME

Honorable Mention - Great Midwest Book Festival, 2013: Trust in Virtual Teams

A ‘write’ of marriage: Zombie book collaboration, 2013

Former Joliet residents turn kids’ ghost stories into novel, 2013

New Science Fiction Novel “The Borealis Genome” Is Receiving Rave Reviews From Readers, 2013

New Book Melds Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Engineering to Create a World of Horror, 2013

Hometown Joliet IL


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1481758895
Page count: 332pp

Wise and Wise’s debut novel delivers a science-fiction tale of zombies and cloning in modern-day Pennsylvania.

Tim and Nora, a newly engaged couple, see news stories chronicling several gruesome killings by zombie-like attackers in Philadelphia. Nora urges Tim, who works for the Centers for Disease Control, to use his experience and credentials to find out more about the virus that’s causing the zombies’ symptoms. Its source turns out to be a company called the Environmental Conscience, headed by Mr. Oldham, an aging genius who wants to live forever.  The company’s head scientist, Dr. Denat, has created a computer program called SALI (“synthetic algorithm for life inscription”) that allows the consciousness of high-paying clients to be “downloaded” into a clone’s brain—a way of ensuring that people’s memories will not die with them. However, the new, cloned hosts become infected with a virus that suppresses their self-awareness, which causes them to transform into violent zombies. As a result, Oldham decides to use Tommy, an inquisitive, non-cloned boy (who happens to be Denat’s son) to be his host as his health wanes. Tim and Nora, meanwhile, fight to stop the growing zombie army and the evil SALI supercomputer, and this ambitious story brings several plot lines and characters together for a gripping climax. Although the novel sometimes gives undue emphasis to relatively minor plot points, it gains momentum and precision as it progresses, and its descriptions are often spot-on (“One wandering finger traced the dark, ragged, meandering rivers that flowed through white marble tabletop…He imagined following them to some dark, lonely place in a vast rain forest.”). It also provides the gore that readers expect in a zombie novel without ever going over the top. Overall, the Wises offer readers a solid tale of intrigue that also explores humanity’s greed for knowledge, money and immortality.

An engaging read for sci-fi and zombie fans. 



As projects become more complex and the project teams are more geographically and culturally dispersed, so strong, trusting relationships come to the fore. Trust provides the security that enables project teams to work together effectively, even when they face project-threatening problems and challenges. Because today's team members work virtually as much by choice as by geographic necessity, business leaders must understand how team relationships such as trust, cross-divisional projects, and how offshore team participation are all positively motivated by a solid quality assurance program. Offering real world solutions, Trust in Virtual Teams provides a clear view of how virtual projects can succeed, and how quality assurance compliments and promotes effective organizational design and project management to build solid trust relationships. Dr Wise combines the latest research in virtual team trust with simple and proven quality methods, building upon more than 20 years of experience in quality and project work to guide team managers in creating high performing project teams.Our understanding of the role human factors play in project performance and project resilience continues to grow. As it does, so does our need to address the behaviors and culture that enable good performance. Tom Wise's book is a thoughtful and pragmatic guide to help project teams and managers do just that.

ISBN: 1409453618
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