V Anna Smith

A survivor of childhood bullying, V. Anna. Smith rose above the learning disabilities of her youth to pursue her lifelong passion for writing. After being diagnosed in her thirties with both dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome, she armed herself with a new understanding of her challenges, enrolled in a writing course, and started writing Warchild's Dreams. She offers this book not only as a testament to the success of her journey but also as an inspiration for others to overcome their obstacles and pursue their dreams.

Victoria and her husband, Dave, have two children, David and Katie, who continue to be her inspiration for writing.

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"An edgy YA fantasy featuring a strong heroine who must use her wits and inner strength to survive."

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Everyone has some real talent in them, 2014

Aiming to build on 20 years of success at new hub , 2014

Grimsby author overcomes dyslexia to write her first book Read more: http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/Grimsby-author-overcomes-dyslexia-write-book, 2014

Starting-new-chapter-life-battling-dyslexia, 2012

Hometown Grimsby North East Lincolnshire United Kindom

Favorite author Suzanne Collins.

Favorite book The Hunger Games.

Day job Disabled wife and mother.

Favorite line from a book "I volunteer!" I gasp. "I volunteer as tribute!"

Favorite word Hope.

Unexpected skill or talent I realize there isn’t a right or wrong way to learn new skills; it just takes courage, strength, and a lot of determination to continue...

Passion in life Isn’t all creativity an art form of some kind, they are of no use isolated in our minds we have to release them, share them with others leaving them captivated as I am.


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1502416629
Page count: 66pp

In Smith’s debut fantasy novella, the first in a planned trilogy, a teenager is held captive by her father after her mother’s death.

One fateful day, Anna’s grandfather visits her at school to tell her the news that her mother, Rose, has drowned. Anna was very close to her loving mother, and she once had good times with her father, Fred, as well, but now she distrusts him; after he lost his job, he took to drink and became brutish. Three months after her mother’s death, Anna returns to school, where students have been known to bully her; however, she’s always found some comfort in her beloved red jacket, which smells of lavender—her mother’s favorite fragrance. When an explosion suddenly rocks her classroom, the sun becomes dark and haloed, and an image of a red-eyed Dictator, bent on establishing a new world order, appears in the sky. The Dictator is Anna’s own father, and for months afterward, he holds her against her will, sedating her, feeding her stale bread and moldy cheese, and interrogating her. He wants her to reveal “that location,” but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Perhaps the locale isn’t geographical but a place hidden deep in Anna’s memories; an introductory passage states that Anna “holds a key that could lead to the world’s destruction”—the ability to manifest dreams into reality. This is a well-written, thought-provoking tale about a “chosen one.” It’s ambiguous enough to suggest numerous literal or figurative interpretations, as it addresses harnessing the power of dreams, emotional and/or mental breakdowns, parental abuse as a form of dictatorship, classroom bullying, and war and revolution. The brief text also includes a captivating riddle involving a music box, which Anna must somehow solve. The story ends with unanswered, intriguing questions that will stimulate readers’ curiosity. Overall, this is an absorbing tale told with brevity and economy that ends at a pivotal moment before the next installment.

An edgy YA fantasy featuring a strong heroine who must use her wits and inner strength to survive.