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Children's Book Author, Vanessa Roam is recognized as a Mom's Choice Awards Distinguished Honoree for receiving the Gold Mom's Choice Award for her first book, A Remnant Surprise. This book is recommended family entertainment by The Dove Foundation. Her second book, Tippy Tip, is in the process of being published.

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"Endearingly presented with simple but resonant affection, this picture book celebrates multigenerational families, and it will have children appreciating them, too."

Kirkus Reviews


Gold Mom's Choice Award, 2013: A Remnant Surprise

Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for all ages, 2013: A Remnant Surprise


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1629947082
Page count: 24pp

Two siblings worry over the fate of a little goat in Roam’s (A Remnant Surprise, 2011) picture-book sequel.

Walter and Gretchen, who live on a farm and starred in Roam’s previous book, are thrilled at the birth of new goat kids. But although the female kid is quick to get to her feet, the male kid stumbles and falls over. The children’s father promises to work with the weak-legged goat, with the aim of preparing him for an eventual job as a trail helper for hiking-business owner Mr. Coleman. But a weak goat has no place in that business, nor does he have any place on Walter and Gretchen’s farm. The children grow attached to the little animal, which they call Tippy Tip, and they pray for him to grow. Their father works with the goat diligently, but when the day comes to sell the goats to Mr. Coleman, Tippy Tip still isn’t strong enough. Meanwhile, the children’s friend Mitchell has worked all summer to earn money to buy his own puppy, but discovers that he’s allergic to dogs. He spends a day with Walter and Gretchen, and as they play at the farm, swinging from a rope swing into hay bales, his worries disappear. When he connects with Tippy Tip, the children find the ideal solution to their problem. Roam ably captures the children’s emotions, and young audiences will share their concern for the fate of the small goat and cheer when Tippy Tip and Mitchell find each other. The text is simple enough for lapsitters or newly independent readers, and Taboada’s illustrations beautifully convey the children’s worry and joy. The inclusion of the Native American guide, Mr. Coleman, helps to diversify the small cast.

A pleasantly illustrated, quiet story that animal lovers will especially enjoy.

Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1613464649
Page count: 24pp

In this gentle, well-crafted picture book for young children, an elderly matriarch lovingly sews quilts for her numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren and receives an unexpected gift of love in return.

Kind and caring Great-Grandma decides to give her 35 grandchildren and great-grandchildren a gift that will remind them of her “love every night and every morning, and that will make them smile.” She sets about crafting quilted comforters for each one of them. Made with her own hands, each comforter will be “warm and soft, just like a hug.” At first, Great-Grandma plans to piece together the nearly three-dozen patchwork quilts, but with a between-the-lines poignancy that will resonate with adults, the author conveys the elderly woman’s realization of time passing: “Great-Grandma was a wise woman and she knew her hands were getting tired,” and she determines that sewing “thirty-five solid-colored comforters of love” will be better than “six pieced quilts of struggle.” One by one, the comforters take shape, with two small helpers in attendance: great-grandson Walter and great-granddaughter Gretchen, who asks if she might keep the pretty scraps of cloth that she collects from the floor as Great-Grandma works. The scraps are “remnants,” explains Great-Grandma, “leftover bits that are too tiny to do much with,” but Gretchen takes them home to her mother, who carefully stores the remnants away. Finally, the quilting is done, and Great-Grandma’s warm and cozy gifts are boxed up, sent, and received with love and appreciation by all the recipients. But how can the family reciprocate? In this story of familial caring, told with simplicity and sweetness—and complemented by quiet illustrations in soft colors—Gretchen’s mom has the answer: a handmade gift for Great-Grandma that comes with a “warm and soft” hug of its own. Endearingly presented with simple but resonant affection, this picture book celebrates multigenerational families, and it will have children appreciating them, too.

The relatable, touching story of an elderly matriarch who sews love into cozy quilts.



Walter and Gretchen wonder what will happen to their weak goat. He’s not needed on the homestead or as a pack goat. Concern for Tippy Tip’s future and a friend’s unhappy situation inspire Walter’s thoughtful solution. A touching and heartfelt fable, Tippy Tip shows that everybody has a special purpose.


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