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Vickie Hall

Vickie works in a variety of genres, from historical fiction to suspense, paranormal to speculative fiction. Her great love of history plays a significant role in many of her novels, bringing to life by-gone eras of the past. She is also a produced playwright, a musician and composer.

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"A love-at-first-sight romance livened up by a complicated heroine and engaging historical detail."

Kirkus Reviews


Hometown Kaysville, UT


Pub Date:
ISBN: 978-1479330546
Page count: 392pp

In Hall’s (Journey of Promise, 2013, etc.) romance/thriller, a woman with an unhappy past starts over in 1945 Nebraska.

Bonnie Cooper leaves San Diego in a hurry, taking only one suitcase—and a small red leather box holding “the secrets that had her running for her life.” Readers don’t discover the nature of those secrets until quite late in the novel, nor the full story of why Bonnie lies compulsively about herself and her origins. (“It had always been easier to pretend to be someone else,” thinks Bonnie, “someone better than her real self.”) Attractive and eager to learn, Bonnie soon settles into Omaha, and her pet kitten and new friends help stem her chronic panic attacks. When she meets the kind Orton family—and their handsome nephew Glen, newly returned from war—Bonnie thinks her secrets are safe. She and Glen fall in love at top speed, but their respective painful memories bring them together in a believable way. Hall creates an intriguing, ambiguous heroine in Bonnie; her willingness to lie, even to people who care about her, or use her good looks to gain favors, may raise doubts in readers’ minds even as they find her sympathetic. Her secret, once revealed, is surprising, historically appropriate, and makes sense of Bonnie’s panic. However, readers may find it implausible that she wouldn’t have destroyed the contents of her box long ago, since they hold no sentimental value and could only serve to harm her. That said, the red box serves as a reminder that the past is never really over until one faces it squarely.

A love-at-first-sight romance livened up by a complicated heroine and engaging historical detail.


Historical fiction

The lives of Kenji and Aiko Onishi and their American-born children are about to unravel when the United States is thrust into war with Japan. Confronted by insurmountable prejudice and fear, the family is ripped from their California home by the American government and sent to an interment camp "for their own protection." Based on true and tragic events that transpired during World War II, Rising Sun, Falling Star is a heart-rending story of one family's struggle to survive uncalculated loss and emotional destruction.

ISBN: 0989537900
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