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William Bates was born in the small, historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. The third of four boys, Bill, and his three brothers were often left alone to explore with friends, have imaginary adventures and get into mischief that sometimes wasn’t insignificant. He became a little river rat, knowing no borders. The boys’ father, a pharmacist, owned his own store, working up to sixty-plus hours a week; their mother suffered from alcoholism. Bill’s grandmother provided the love, the stability, and the grounding in his life when she was around. However, the negative conditions in his life left him open to many struggles, the worst being prey for a sexual predator. Bill’s determination to “rise above” led him to attend a boarding school in Kitchener. This was the basis for his becoming a survivor and later in life, a ‘thriver’. Bill married his high school sweetheart. Joan, and together they were determined to make a better life for their family of three children, and protect them from the evil he had seen in his life. This eventually guided him and Joan to help others in many ways. The most significant contributions for helping others were a self-awareness program for teenagers, and a defining role in a program for victims of abuse. His education, with the help of mentors, was self-taught. His entrepreneurship eventually led him to become a successful international business owner. He was always aware and appreciative of the help he received from others. As a result, he believed it necessary to give back not only money, but more important, his time. Bill and Joan now have retired to Florida, spending their summers and Christmas in the north with their children and grandchildren. Bill’s purpose in writing his memoir was for his children and grandchildren. As he wrote, it became evident that other survivors might benefit and gain hope from his experiences. --- Bates examines the good and evil in his life, sharing from his soul, with no holds barred. He courageously explores the background of abuse and entrapment characterized as Stockholm syndrome [an emotional attachment to an abusive captor], and openly reveals how abuse occurs and with the help of others, what can be done about it. The writer not only shares his determination, love, commitment, and successes, but also his abandonment, his ‘woundedness’, his weakness, and his failures. The reader will appreciate the challenges the author and his wife faced to confront the most powerful, to fight the unbeatable, to try right the ‘unrightable’ wrongs, to overcome all odds and to come out whole. To add to the completeness of the biography, he intertwines his unique life experiences which occurred in Ontario, Canada, in the Niagara Region and Kitchener, and extending to the Niagara Frontier and elsewhere in the U.S. “Bates makes authorial debut with a long, triumphant memoir of his path towards healing after abuse. … all stories contribute to the panorama of a full life that includes everything from boys on bicycles in summer to the ups and downs of marriage, from a boyhood replete with abuse to an adult spent helping others confront and overcome it. … [T]his worthwhile memoir movingly portrays one man’s courageous life” -----Kirkus Reviews … I am very impressed not only by your writing but about your life. I had no idea you’ve been so active in so many organizations and causes. I got thoroughly involved with the characters in your story; I was engrossed and wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.” -----Robert Kerins, acclaimed author, Cuckoo -- Position of Trust -- Fatal Lesson -- Deadly Mist


"Includes a few too many episodes, but this worthwhile memoir movingly portrays one man's courageous life. "
Bates makes his authorial debut with a long, triumphant memoir of his path toward healing after abuse. Read full book review >