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Alexandra is an award-winning author based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the founder of Wishing Star Publishing. The books she writes for kids are books meant to inspire kindness, inclusion, social awareness and understanding. Her latest release, Masterpiece, recently earned a coveted Kirkus Star and has been featured in local publications and the June 15th edition of Kirkus Reviews Magazine.

Alexandra is also the founder of Global Masterpiece Day, a project inspiring inclusion in classrooms everywhere! On this day, teachers and students honour autistic thinkers, celebrate differences, and share how differences make each of us a true masterpiece. In 2023, over 40 different classrooms in Canada, the States and the UK participated and over 1,000 students were part of the day!

Alexandra absolutely loves visiting schools and spreading the love of books to students! She is open to school visits and week-long residencies. She is also available for keynotes. Some of the topics she speaks about are the impact of educators on the lives of students, the power of our lived experiences and stories, and the journey to follow our soul's purpose. Combining her 13 years in the classroom and her journey to become an author, Alexandra delivers poignant speeches that motivate participants and illustrate the importance of our own stories.​​



BY Alexandra Hoffman • POSTED ON Jan. 4, 2023

Hoffman’s picture book features a young boy on the autism spectrum.

Samuel is a school-age boy with fair skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes who loves the color blue. When his teacher, Ms. Anderson, asks the class to draw pictures of their families, Samuel puts on his headphones and doesn’t hesitate to use his favorite color. While his classmates present pictures employing a veritable rainbow of hues, Samuel creates his own masterpiece exclusively in shades of blue. This prompts the wise teacher to explain, “Some of us use all the colours, and some of us use shades of only one. Even though our art may be different, each is just as special.” Samuel’s use of headphones in the classroom as well as nonverbal cues (like flapping his arms to indicate he’s ready to present his picture) allude to Samuel’s being on the autism spectrum—which elevates a great children’s book to the level of a culturally significant one. Mello’s illustrations splash across the pages with bright, bold colors and lines that draw the eye, perfectly complementing the text. The result is a touching story that all readers can enjoy. Those on the autism spectrum and their loved ones will find much-needed representation in this whimsical story that quietly speaks volumes.

Samuel’s story comes to life through compassionately drawn characters, warm dialogue, and joyful illustrations.

Pub Date: Jan. 4, 2023

ISBN: 9781778071041

Page count: 32pp

Publisher: Wishing Star Publishing

Review Posted Online: April 28, 2023

Kirkus Reviews Issue: June 15, 2023

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"Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful." — Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

MASTERPIECE: Mom's Choice Awards Gold Recipient, 2023

MASTERPIECE: The Golden Wizard Book Prize, 2022

The Edmonton Journal, 2023

Kirkus Reviews Magazine, 2023

Watch That Scene, 2023

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