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All who have wondered about the inner meanings of some of the Parables told for the benefit of all by the God man when He walked the earth will be richly rewarded if they will take up this , personalized explanation of the significance for all time of ""these earthly stories with a heavenly meaning"". A scriptural scholar and author who has produced other works in this specialized field (My Sunday Reading). Father O'Sullivan demonstrates an important facility for simplification that is gratifying in that he does not go to an extreme. Here he takes some thirty short parables as the outline within which he describes the way Jesus depicted the nature of the kingdom of society. Father O'Sullivan has these together in a way to help draw from the core of the parables the lessons living men of these days might follow if they are to achieve their ultimate purpose for being born. The format makes for easy reading: an introductory statement, the parable itself, detailed analysis, phrase by phrase, and then the author's application. Here indeed is a book of spiritual reading worthy of personal use whether by laity clergy of religious a source of meditation for religious especially and a font of ideas for the preacher, certainly.

Publisher: Bruce