DORIS DAY: Her Own Story by A. E. Hotchner

DORIS DAY: Her Own Story

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The Doris daydream is not going to be what you think, nor has her life been anything like her ""image"" (a word she loathes) as the gift next door in a Sanforized whirl. It's hard knocks all the way from that first husband at seventeen who whomped her around when she was eight months pregnant with Terry (the only child she's managed out of three marriages) to the seventeen years she spent with her agent Marry Melcher whom she never suspected of being the hustler that he was until after his death when she retrieved 22 million dollars in a court case. The second, shorter-lived marriage only left her with a case of Christian Science which she abandoned reluctantly when she needed surgery and which she now combines with Kathryn Kuhlman. Insets (also taped by Papa Hemingway's Hotchner) contribute many-sided opinions from her mother, her kid Terry (who was involved in the Manson business but now has straightened out), Lemmon, Cagney, and others who shared that #1 rated career which she herself always underestimated. After all, that's Doris, ""a very sexy lady who doesn't know how sexy she is"" which is part of her charm--part of her being alone today with her dogs and her animal causes, and part of her genuine guilelessness. Que sera sera--no doubt about it--this will be widely exposed and read.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1975
Publisher: Morrow