ATLANTIS: The Truth Behind the Legend by A. G. and Edward Bacon Galanopoulos

ATLANTIS: The Truth Behind the Legend

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One of the more exciting if speculative books of the New Year was 'James Mavor's Voyage to Atlantis (1969 p. 43) and he was the young oceanologist who had become involved with Professor Galanopoulos' theories. This book covers the same area -- the Aegean sea and the possibility that the legendary Atlantis was actually composed of at least two adjacent islands, one of which may have been Crete, and that the culture was decimated by the explosion of the island of Santorin which disappeared in one of the biggest blasts of all time. Also that the Atlanteans and the early Minoans may have been one and the same. This is substantiated to a degree by recent archeological discoveries and new knowledge of the effects of explosions (could the Santorin cataclysm have been responsible for the behavior of the sea during the Exodus?). The Mavor book was more personable (this is a more scholarly presentation) and he pursued some interesting archeological infighting.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1969
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill