Copley Woods is a pseudonymous location for high-activity UFO sightings, landings, and abductions. However, many real folks...


INTRUDERS: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods

Copley Woods is a pseudonymous location for high-activity UFO sightings, landings, and abductions. However, many real folks are interviewed here by Hopkins; they reveal under hypnosis all the kidnappings they have undergone at the hands of extra-earth aliens. It's easy to dismiss Intruders as low cosmic nonsense and to blunt its every point with high scientific reason. Probably anticipating that, Hopkins presents himself as a hyperskeptic drawn into verifying abductions by UFOs because of a striking similarity in the stories of the abductees. Over the years, UFOs have been airships that were secret weapons (during WW II), then possibly extraterrestrial spacecraft, ""perhaps pilotless, remote-controlled machines of some sort, observing us from a comfortable distance. This idea began to disintegrate with the steady accumulation of 'humanoid sightings,' reports of strange figures seen in or near UFOs."" Then came abductions, ""physical examinations"" and apparently externally imposed amnesia. Now we are offered Hopkins' research on the apparent interbreeding of an alien species with our own, a process both Covert and widespread. Many of the young women who submitted to Hopkins' hypnotic regression came up with several kidnappings over the years. The aliens like to work a family over and over, leaving certain scars on their victims' legs. Hopkins' outstanding subject apparently had been abducted al least nine times and repeatedly been an involuntary egg donor. In fact, she has seen one of her eggs crossbred with alien sperm and met her alien/earthling offspring. Some men have also been used as sperm banks, and their rapes by alien females make gripping reading. The aliens, who seem set on regenerating their fading species with bouncy human cells, are truly alien to most human psychology, much as they may understand our physiology. Their abductees, however, are in an enormously humiliating position, once released, to whom they can tell their stories without sounding stark mad? Says one abductee: ""It doesn't make logical sense to me, so I can't accept it. . .I want to think I dreamed it."" Hypnosis suggests that she didn't dream it. One comes to a tender regard for Hopkins' subjects. Their uniform similarities of description of their UFO abductions and of the aliens beat a sense of faithful fact that could sway many an ironclad skeptic.

Pub Date: April 6, 1987


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Publisher: Random House

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: March 15, 1987

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