By the author of the ""nonfiction"" The Amityville Horror--a fictional recycling of nearly that very same story....



By the author of the ""nonfiction"" The Amityville Horror--a fictional recycling of nearly that very same story. Carpenter-painter Keith Olson and wife Jennifer--an out-of-work interior decorator who pines for Manhattan and is gaga about widower David Carmichael, a glamorous and wealthy antiques dealer--live in New Castle on the Hudson. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a two-story Victorian house appears on the 666 lot behind the Olsons' house. When Keith investigates, he finds an old Roman coin in a bathtub and full-length glass etchings--which show Keith being cuckolded! And when friend David holds the tingling coin, he is battered by horror-images of a blue Victorian house rising out of bloody earth; later the coin disappears into his palm. Next: a violent thunderstorm drops two bolts of lightning down 666's chimney, knocks out the area power lines, and Keith is hired by unseen owner Coste to restore 666 and paint it dark blue. Furthermore, Keith learns that a gruesome double-murder happened in the house five years ago before it was carted cross-country from Seattle; and he finds that the house is made of strange old wood held together by pegs. Meanwhile, David continues to get bad vibes (connected to his wife's murder) and decides to move into 666 for the summer. So he and Keith are soon into jealous rages (Jennifer is more attracted than ever to David), and double-murder ensues. The real owner of the house? Satan, of course. And, when last seen, 666 has moved to another town, awaiting a new victim. Without the ostensible true-life hook of Amityville--a sequel that's just plain silly.

Pub Date: April 28, 1981


Page Count: -

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Review Posted Online: N/A

Kirkus Reviews Issue: April 1, 1981