Enthralling blend of first-person testimonies by 11 who experienced ""miraculous"" recoveries from terminal illness or...


MAKING MIRACLES: An Exploration into the Dynamics of Self-Healing

Enthralling blend of first-person testimonies by 11 who experienced ""miraculous"" recoveries from terminal illness or accident, along with perceptive commentaries on each case by Roud, a Massachusetts psychologist. Many of the cases here boggle the mind. Perhaps most extraordinary is that of Raymond Berte, who has conquered five different types of cancer, including lymphatic, through a mix of conventional medicine, diet, stress-management, and attitude: ""I'm involved in a great love affair with love,"" he declares. Phina Dacri, struck with metastasized lung cancer, credits her doctor and her faith (she became a born-again Christian) for her cure. Leo Perras, a paraplegic, also ascribes his ""split-second"" cure to spiritual intervention, this time during a Catholic charismatic service. Norman Cousins tells how he beat his second grave illness--a massive heart attack--through humor, diet, and exercise. Joe Godinski, who uncovered his rich creativity during a bout with lung cancer, manages to say,""Thank god for the cancer. If it weren't for the illness, I'd probably be dead now."" Walter Purington, a millworker, turns to alternative healers--including the great Tibetan physician Yeshi Dhonden--to cure his spinal cancer. And so on. An appendix makes it clear how amazing all this is: Purington, for instance, was given a 1-in-1000 chance of living 12 months after his cancer diagnosis; he's now into his ninth year, and cancer-free. The extensive commentaries by Roud include reports on recent medical research, anecdotal evidence, thoughtful speculation on faith healings and other alternative healing techniques. But the message really boils down to one simple sentence: ""The patients make their miracle happen."" A major contribution to the growing library on self-healing, and a smashing read.

Pub Date: Jan. 17, 1989


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Publisher: Warner

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. 1, 1989