THE OPEN SOCIETY by Abba P. Schwartz


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The trouble is that the Congress wants a closed society and you are trying to make it an open one."" These are the words of Dean Rusk which attended Abba Schwartz' ouster from his State Department post handling immigration and travel policies. Mr. Schwartz had worked toward eliminating quotas based on national origin, advocated citizen travel as a basic freedom and taken a liberal stance on entry to America, particularly under the sticky ""28,"" security cases. Then there was the case of Richard Burton, requesting admission from Canada when everyone knew about him and Liz--a ""national interest case."" Mr. Schwartz writes in anger and concern over the forces that defeated him, in the process has hard words for Miss Frances Knight of the Passport Office, the Dodd-Eastland contingent in Congress, Dean Rusk. He also provides a rundown of American immigration and refugee policies through the years, in itself of sufficient value to override any personal animosity.

Pub Date: July 23rd, 1968
Publisher: Morrow