WINGS AT MY WINDOW by Ada Clapham Govan


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The record of a backyard sanctuary kept by a woman with a unique bird banding score. She has contributed to Nature Magazine under the alias Of Thee I Sing. The loss of two children and the protracted illness of the third, her own crippling, brought need for some outside interest, and she turned from suffering to find solace in the birds that visited her simple homemade feeding station and bird bath at her Massachusetts home. She tells of their habits, feeding, mating and nesting; of her special pets and species, of how she turned to bird banding, banded 3635 birds and recorded 580 returns in less than two years. Her husband lost his job, and she started writing of her experiences. A book with something of the inspirational quality, as well as practical information for bird lovers. Occasionally marred by sentimentality.

Publisher: Macmillan